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Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

A student considered to be hearing impaired is one who has a medically diagnosed hearing loss that results in a substantial educational difficulty.
A student who is hearing impaired has an audiological assessment by an audiologist that affirms a bilateral hearing loss, a unilateral loss with significant speech/language delay, or a cochlear implant. There is a requirement for an annual audiological assessment.
Students with a diagnosis of central auditory processing dysfunction are not considered for this service unless there is an additional diagnosis of peripheral hearing loss.

Description of Services

The educational programs for students who are deaf or hard of hearing typically include specific instruction in:
• language development, auditory management;
• speech development, speech reading;
• sign language as required; and
• deaf culture when appropriate.

Access to Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

All referrals should be brought to the attention of the school-based team and then forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent Learning Services


Your school based team, Learning Services Teacher, or School Principal for additional information.
Jennifer Turner R.Psych.
250-342-9243 (ext 4674)
Email Jennifer Turner​

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