Help! I can't get into BCeSIS...

What follows is provided to hopefully assist issues with running BCeSIS.

With the purchase of BCeSIS by Pearson and its phasing out over the next couple of years, the system will not unfortunately be updated to keep pace with the changes to operating systems, Java, and web browsers.

At the bottom of this page are versions of Java, Acrobat Reader and some supporting documents which may be of some help. As always, for home computers there are too many variables for us to have a quick "fix". Of course pop-up blockers and additional toolbars will cause problems beyond what I can offer to support here.

SD6 Help Desk

Windows XP, Vista

5 Steps to Success for your home computers or personal laptops...

You need to be using the correct version of Java. To use BCeSIS you need version I recommend the removal of all other versions of Java. This goes for Oracle JInitiator also as it is no longer needed. A comprehensive visual guide will be added below in the next couple of days for you to download.

Step 1
Go to your Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs(XP), Programs And Features(Vista). Scroll through the list of installed programs and Remove/Uninstall all versions of Java (it may appear in the list as Java or as J2SE). Then do the same for any versions of Oracle JInitiator. From this window you will be able to determine the version of Java. The only one you should have is: J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 14 (available from the link below).

Step 2
At the bottom of this page under Required Software Links, click on: Download Java 1.5-14. From the window that opens, select Run. Follow the prompts to install.

Step 3 (optional)
Go to the Control Panel, select Classic View at the right if you are not already in this view, and double click on the Java icon. Click on the Update tab. From here, uncheck the automatic updates. In the window which opens, choose Never Update. Ok and close.

Step 4
Open Explorer and log on as usual to BCeSIS. Depending on your computer you might encounter some prompts such as Run Active X, or a security warning window which you should tell it to "Always trust" and Run.

Step 5
Allow Pop-ups for BCeSIS to work properly. Under the Tools > Internet Options menu select the Privacy tab. Either disable the Popup blocker, or select settings and enter *.isw-bc.ca in the address field and press Add.
Note: additional 3rd party toolbars such as a Google bar each have their own popup blockers.

Required Java Link and visual guide for Windows XP & Vista:

Windows 7: Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10

For those using Windows XP or Windows 7 with the following browser -Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10.

Be sure that you have removed any earlier versions of Java (JRE) or JInitiator. The Java provided at the bottom of this page identifies which version of Explorer it will work with. Only use that which is provided below; other versions are likely not to work. The latest versions of Java will not work!

Two additional documents found below may help remove those annoying warning messages: Java Versions and Security Warnings, Disabling the Warning Messages in Java.

For those running reports I have encountered inconsistent problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10 (X) or higher. I personally use Acrobat Reader version 9 with no trouble. This too is provided for you below.

Word document Disabling Warning Messages in Java
PDF Java versions and security warnings
PDF Visual guide to updating for BCeSIS
Download Java 1.5-14 with IE version 7
Java supported with IE version 8
Java supported with IE version 9
Java supported with IE version 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9


It would appear that newer version of MAC have their own issues. What follows is from an email I received thanks to Bob Wilson in Golden.

Turns out that new versions of OSX do not include the Java Runtime Environment. You have to go to the Java site to download it. The newest version, though does not work. When you try to login, you get an error message:

FRM-92095: Oracle Jnitiator version too low please install version or higher

You have to disable Version 7 of JRE (the most up-to-date) and re-enable the Apple version 6 the terminal instructions to do this can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5559

Link to Apple Support for Java Help