What services are available at the DRC?

At the District Resource Centre, we strive to provide teachers and educators with resources that can enrich and support the curriculum. We are constantly looking to bring in new material and if you have any suggestions on a specific kit, book, novels, or other resource, please let us know. Highlighted below are just some of the services we offer to the educational community.

Advanced Bookings
Teachers and educators can reserve and order resources through the Advanced Booking component of our on-line catalogue. These orders are then directly delivered to your school.

Colour Photocopying & CD/DVD Burning
The DRC has the capacity to burn multiple CD's or DVD's at one time. A colour copier is also available on site. Large colour copy requests will be subject to a fee.

Equipment Loans
In addition to all of our book and video resources, we also have a selection of other equipment that you may find useful in your classroom. Equipment for loan includes the following items:
- Wireless Mic
- SMART Airliner
- SMART Document Camera
- WebCam
- Engraver
- Snowshoes (class set)

Laminating and Binding Services
Visit the centre in person to have your materials bound or laminated, or send them via inter-office mail and we will complete the task for you.

District licenses are purchased for Public Performance Rights, On-Line Encyclopedias, Data Bases and Software
Tech support for the automated Library 4 Universal Program used in most School District #6 school libraries.

Ministry Documents & IRP's
Browse through our hardcopies of Ministry documents

Periodicals/Professional Journal Routing
At the beginning of each school year, you can sign up to receive a copy of one or more periodicals. These are routed from the DRC to all interested parties.

Special Requests
Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Let us know. The DRC purchases materials requested by educators to help maintain a current and relevant resource collection.

Travelling Road Shows
Several times each year, we bring the resources to you! Displays of new materials are brought to Golden and Kimberley districts.

Wild Voices For Kids
The Wild Voices for Kids program is managed and organized through the DRC. Visit the WVFK page on our website for more information on this program along with a complete list of the specific programs.

Additional Services
Review new class set novels

Request bibliographies on specific topics of DRC resources

Recruit schools and teachers to pilot new text books to implement new IRPís ie: Math Makes Sense and Literacy in Action

Organize and sponsor an author visit each year

Act as a liaison and support for Teacher-Librarianís and provide resources and professional development opportunities

Prepare and manage the DRC budget each year and allocate the Learning Resources funds to all schools in the fall

How Resources Are Selected

You may wonder how the DRC determines which resources to select, purchase, and maintain. When selecting resources, the DRC adheres to the following philosophies:
- Purchases "Recommended" materials;
- Resources are to be an extension of the school library;
- Purchases media and other equipment that can be used by multiple schools;
- Those materials which are generally too expensive or specialized for individual schools will be considered;
- Purchases materials which are not of a consumable nature;
- Aims to provide a small resource of professional journals for routing to educators; and,
- Provides challenging, interesting, and informative media for teachers and students.