The first line of techology support is Martyn Bampton at the School District Help Desk. He can be reached at 250.432.5336. The DRC also provides teacher support for educational applications of technology across the district and MS Office 2010 Work at Home Rights can be purchased. Please contact the DRC at 250.342.6812.


Listed below are some software programs available for you to try on a trial basis free of charge. If you like what you see, we have included ordering information for you.

Bitstrips for Schools

Bitstrips for schools is an educational and safe web service that empowers students to make and share great comics without drawing a line, and lets teachers unlock the educational power of comics.
PDF Bitstrips Flyer - Free Trial Offer

ERAC Educational Software

ERAC has established several Educational Software agreements for classroom use.

Click here for information on available software

Inspiration & Kidspiration Software

Kidspiration® Inspires and Engages Pupils in Literacy and Supports Teachers' Planning
PDF Inspiration & Kidspiration Software