The Microsoft Home Use Program is only one license per Home Use, E.g. Office Professional Plus 2013 OR Office MAC 2013. The license is good for two installs E.g. You have 1 desktop and 1 laptop at home. You can download Office 2013 on both computers; after those 2 downloads the license is no longer feasible. You can also purchase on top of the download version a backup DVD for an additional $11.00 which is necessary in case your computer at home crashes and a language pack of your choice (37 different languages) at an additional $11.00. All prices include tax.

You need your work email address and Program Code in order to make a HUP purchase. Please email the DRC for the code and website to access the purchase.
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Amex is not accepted in Canada.
You must tick off the Terms and Conditions on the billing page before they can continue with their order. In the Terms and Conditions it is clearly stated you should return the license if you leave the company or the Software Assurance Benefits end.
Any other questions please contact the DRC.