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Chef Training

Members: Ms. Bell (Chef Training), Mr. Reisle (Chef Training), Mrs. Tegart (Home Economics, Chef Training)

For a copy of the course outline for Cook Training 11A (pdf format), click here.

For a copy of the Teaching Kitchen Usage Guidelines (pdf format), click here.

Located in the scenic town of Invermere, BC, David Thompson Secondary School is fortunate to have a unique and highly successful Cook Training program. With a student population of 550, the Rocky Mountain Café’s chefs-in-training have more than their hands full. Not your average school cafeteria, The Rocky Mountain Café features healthy foods, multicultural menus, Canadian cuisine, and uses organic and local ingredients, when possible. Some food is grown right here at DTSS, as we have a fully functional greenhouse on the premises.

As it is the policy at DTSS to provide healthful foods to our staff and students, we have chosen to remove our “junk food” vending machines, one of the first secondary schools in the province to do this, and do away with deep fried foods. Like all teenagers, our students are inundated with junk food advertising, but we have had a positive influence on their food choices. Admittedly, this took a little educating! With perseverance, we now have very food-savvy customers. Cedar Plank Salmon with Wild Rice and Cranberry Chutney sells out in a flash. As does, West African Yam Soup, Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies, Tofu Burritos, and whole-grain baked goods, just to name a few! All this while learning the fundamentals of food preparation following the provincial Cook Training curriculum; the equivalent of which is Cook Level One at colleges in the province.

We see running a Cook Training program as our opportunity to teach all students the value in, and the artistic presentation of, fine food. Nutrition is also an important element of our curriculum and we have established a Food and Nutrition Policy in our school district. In addition, we believe that all students should be made aware of the social issues surrounding food and food security. For example, we prepare frozen meals for the Food Bank, hold a “Hunger Banquet” on World Food Day, and host the senior citizens of our community at special catered events. We teach the students about controversial issues such as genetically modified organisms. In the planning stages is a greenhouse and study centre. The possibilities are endless!