Playground Expectations

*Playground expectations apply before and after school, as well as during school.

Students are expected to go outside at recess for fresh air and exercise. They need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. (When it is cold, students should wear a warm coat, ski/snow pants, boots, mittens and hat. When it is wet, wear rubber boots, a rain coat and bring an umbrella. When it is hot, wear sunscreen and a hat.) Students come in as soon as they hear the bell. Students remain in the classroom only at the request of the teacher (name on board).

Our goal is to have an INCLUSIVE and happy playground.

Students are expected to be kind, polite and respectful to others (adults and peers); follow the pillars.
Be a good sport, it is nice to be a generous giver and a responsible taker.
Students are expected to be on school grounds. Permission from parents is required to leave school property.
Cell phones, video games, cameras, and personal music players are NOT to be used during recess.
Skateboards, bikes, etc should not be ridden on school property.

Trips to the bathroom will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher.
Bottom line: students should be in their classrooms during lunchtime, not wandering the halls.

Lunch Hour Expectations

Between 12:35pm and 12:55pm students should be eating lunch in their classroom.
Students are expected to remain seated in a chair during lunchtime. There should be NO wandering.
Students are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch and snacks, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Students are encouraged to have water bottles for drinking in class.
During the lunchtime, classroom noise should be minimal. Talking quietly is acceptable.
Students need to bring their own utensils.
When the bell rings at 1:00pm, desks should be cleaned off, lunches put away, garbage put in the garbage can, compost in the compost bin, and recycling in the recycling bin.
The 1;00pm bell is a sign that students should be preparing for afternoon classes.
Failure to meet lunch hour expectations will result in removal from the classroom. Further violations will result in lunch at home for anywhere from one day to the remainder of the school year.