Google now has a search engine designed for kids by kids. This is a fun and safe search site emphasizing kid-related webpages from across the entire web.
KidRex Search Engine

Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Steps parents can take to protect children who use the Internet including general rules, preserving your family's privacy, and minimizing possible risks.
Internet Safety Tips

Call It Safe

This parent guide answers some of the questions you may have about bullying and provides information about what you need to know and do to help your children.
Call It Safe

Keeping Kids Safe

Produced by the Ministry of Education, this guide encourages parents to think and talk about bullying prevention in our homes, schools, and communities.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

Developing Healthy Relationship Skills

Being able to interact positively with others is essential in social situations at school and at home. This guide highlights healthy relationship skill building topics.
Developing Healthy Relationship Skills

BC Centre for Safe Schools & Communities

Keep up to date on events and resources essential for healthier schools and communities. Distributed by the University of the Fraser Valley.