Full Time Program Overview

The full time program at Kimberley Alternate School is a comprehensive academic and activity based schedule for youth. With at least two staff for less than two dozen students, there is a low student to staff ratio. Courses are adapted and modified for each student.

Students attend Monday thru Thursday from 9 am to 2:10 pm. If in full attendance, Fridays are optional for full time students. A full range of activities are planned each week for students.

Due to the high demand for spots in the full time program, regular reviews of attendance and academic productivity are made and dismissals from the program may occur. In addition, only students under the age of 19 as of Sept. 1 of the current school year will be allowed to attend the full time program.

Entry into the Full Time Program

Entry into the full time program is based on the following criteria:
  • You have been in the part-time program for a minimum of 1 month.
  • You consistently receive '3's and 4s for productivity, participation and behaviour.
  • Your attendance is above 85%.
  • You are under 19 at the start of the school year.
Priority will be given to students who registered with KAS at the beginning of the school year.


The weekly schedule for the full time program follows this pattern Monday thru Thursday. Friday mornings are optional for students with full attendance during the week.