LGES Code of Conduct


Our staff has adopted a restitution philosophy for dealing with student behavior. Restitution means fixing our mistakes, making it right, being the kind of person we want to be. We are still working on its full implementation. In short, it is about:
- establishing common beliefs and values that guide our decision making and behaviors.
-creating social contracts in classrooms and the school for defining expectations, rights and responsibilities.
-understanding bottom lines of unacceptable behaviors. (No violence, no drugs, no weapons, no harassment including aggressive behaviors such as bullying behaviors while at school, at a school related activity or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school environment, no direct defiance of an adult)*
-students and staff knowing the 5 basic needs (power, belonging, freedom, fun & survival) that drive behavior.
- a student learning self-discipline.

* In the case of bottom line issues, consequences will depend on the severity of the behavior and the number of incidents but may include any or all of the following:
- removal from the classroom/playground for a period of time
- discussion with teacher and administrator regarding inappropriateness of behavior and incident is recorded in School Discipline Book.
- notification of parents by phone or letter.
- involving parents with teacher, student and administrator in drawing up a behavior contract.
- in-school or out-of-school suspension for a determined period of time.
- notification of Superintendent of Schools.
- recommendation of expulsion (Board Office level) The board will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation by a person against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Our basis for Principled Action is:
be curious, not furious, when correction is needed,
be effective, more than efficient, and
bring dignity, never disgrace.

Policy No. 5800 SD #6
District Code of Conduct for students can be found on the School District Website www.sd6.bc.ca
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LGES Dress Code
Because we are in the business of education, students are responsible for dressing in a way that promotes learning and does not distract from the learning of others. Cleanliness and good taste should be the basis of clothing decisions. Specifically, students are required to ensure that all clothing exhibits appropriate language and logos, and that the 'bases' are covered - bellies, breasts, bottoms and underwear - for both sexes. Students are also welcome to wear hats before and after school and during lunch hour, but not during class times.