Bus Registration Form

Attached is the bus registration form and Code of Conduct. Please complete the form if your child will be riding the school bus during the upcoming school year and return it to the school. If you live within 4 km of the nearest school you will also need to submit a letter requesting 'courtesy ride' status and state your reason for the request.

Please read the Information below regarding important bus changes for the upcoming school year.
PDF Bus Registration form 2017_18
PDF Information Regarding Bus Changes for 2017-18

Guest Passes

Please be aware that we cannot issue guest passes for any bus routes prior to October as regular routes are still being established.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Transportation Dept. at 250-427-2268. If you child regularly rides the bus and needs to get off at a different stop - please send a written note to the school and a bus pass will be issued for that day. Thank you!

Bus Routes 2017-18

Please open the following attachment for the pick up and drop off times for your child/ren. Important notices or changes will also be posted under this link.

PDF 2017-18 Bus Route Schedule