Principal's message

Welcome to McKim! Our staff is committed to creating connections with our students that foster a safe and caring environment for learning and growing in all areas including the social, emotional, physical and academic.

We are an elementary school as we are grades 4 – 7. Elementary is grades K – 7, with primary grades being K-3 and intermediate (upper elementary) grades 4 – 7. (McKim school was configured as an elementary school 10 years ago, but the “Middle” in the name was not changed)

We embrace an elementary model of teaching and learning at McKim. We believe every child can learn and our job is to figure out their strengths and provide feedback on how they can grow. Learning should be engaging, motivating and fun. Curiosity should be fostered and creativity should be encouraged. Each child at McKim is valued for their individuality and we work as a team to help them to reach their full potential.

This year at McKim we are interested in creating a community garden for our school. We need help! Anyone with gardening knowledge or building skills who is interested in helping or leading this project, please get in touch with Stacy. (cell 250-342-1455)

Please find all school supply lists, bell schedules etc. under the above tab “School information”.

When your child arrives on the first day of school, they will find their grade posted in the foyer, and their name on a class list. We will have leadership kids and staff available to help students find their classrooms and to welcome them back to school.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Stacy DeCosse

Ms. DeCosse's blog

I started writing a blog to help the parents and community get to know me better as an educator. It certainly is not a weekly occurrence, but when there is inspiration and time I will continue to share some thoughts on teaching, learning, school culture and community. Several archived editions are available here.


First day of school

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 6, 2016. This will be a half day from 8:45-12:00 and buses will be running. Bus drivers will distribute bus registration forms directly to students. Regular days will commence on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. Please see the bell schedule under the above tab "School Info".

On the first day there will be class lists posted in the foyer for students and parents to see which class their child has been placed in. Student leaders and staff will be there to welcome all students and to help everyone find their class as easily as possible.

PDF 2016-2017 School Calendar

McKim Theatre

Our theatre now has a Website, please follow the link below for updates and the theatre calendar.
McKim Theatre Website
Welcome to McKim, a Grade 4 - 7 school in beautiful Kimberley, British Columbia