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David Thompson
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Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education at DTSS

Aboriginal support workers: Monica Fisher​ & Shynai Borho​​


  • Positive and Safe Community Aboriginal Role Models​
  • Provide a safe and respectful classroom for all students.  We are "moms at school with wide open arms" Christy Tallman 2010
  • Liaison:  between School District Staff, Administrators, Students & Parents,  Chief & Council, Child & Family, Youth Court Workers, Probation Officers, Restorative Justice, RCMP, Medical System, Education Systems, Treatment Programs, Tribal Council, all Outside Agencies
  • Instill and support the power of education & self worth as an individual person and most importantly as an aboriginal person
  • Be respectful to the different Nations represented in our school

Educational PresentationsAbEd craft.JPG

                  • Pre-contact
                  • Contact-Assimilation
                  • Residential School History & Survivors
                  • Tour of St. Eugene's Residential School & Interpretive Centre & Residential School Survivor Speakers
                  • Myth Busting
                  • Arts and Crafts
                  • Legends, Creation Stories
                  • Employment Opportunities
                  • Blanket Teachings
                  • Medicine Circle Teachings

Aboriginal Themed Opportunities
  • Textiles: Regalia
  • PE: Aboriginal Games: Stone game, stick game
  • Woodworking: Scroll woodworking projects,importance of animal  symbolism
  • Native Arts Club: Open to all students in the school
  • Educational Powwow


  • Akisqnuk & Shuswap and Métis Community Elders
  • DTSS, local Libraries, Museum and St. Eugene's Interpretive Centre
  • Internet: First Voices- all BC Aboriginal Languages , Secwepemc (Shuswap), Ktunaxa, Métis and all other First Nations Groups
  • Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child and Family
  • Ktunaxa Kinbasket Area Council
  • Ktunaxa Kinbasket Aboriginal Training Council​dressedfordancing.JPG
  • Métis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC)
  • North Columbia Métis Association
  • Gabriel Dumont Institute

Post Secondary Opportunities

  • Only a certain number of  Status students will receive partial to full funding…not every qualifying student can go.
  • Only a percentage of students that apply can be funded and it is based on band population stats that have not kept up with the need. Example: 3.2 students in any given year for one local band.
  • Local Bands are allotted the funds and decisions are made by the Education Coordinators at the Shuswap & Akisqnuk Band Halls

For more information:

  • Local Band Funding for Status Students
  • Local scholarships and Bursaries
  • National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

For more information on aboriginal support programs in our school please contact our staff.

Check out what we did in AbEd last year! 

David Thompson
Secondary School

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