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Welcome to the DTSS Math department.  Besides being everyone's fav​ourite subject, Math is also a required subject up to and including Grade 11.  The Math courses offered at DTSS include Foundations, Pre-Calculus and Apprenticeship beginning at the Grade 10 level.  Any questions about course offerings or your child's suitability in any of these courses can be directed to their current math teacher or you can contact Colin Sherk at  A few things students need to know about math class are:

  • Be on time and take good notes.  A recent study has shown that the best method for students to learn a new topic is through taking handwritten notes.
  • Expect to struggle sometimes.  Everyone struggles with math at times and it is important to recognize when you are struggling and ask the teacher for help when you need it.
  • Calculators are not always necessary.  There are times when calculators will be allowed and times when students will be expected to perform mental calculations.  As a general rule, students should bring a good scientific calculator (Sharp is recommended) to every class.​​​

​​Course Outlines

Class​Teacher​​Course Outline
​Math 8Trish PhillipsMath 8 Phillips.pdf
Math 8​Lisa TentaMath 8 Tenta.pdf
Math 8​Lainey WilsonMath 8 Wilson.pdf
Math 9Trish PhillipsMath 9 Phillips.pdf
Math 9​Lainey WilsonMath 9 Wilson.pdf
​Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10​Lisa TentaAWM 10 Tenta.pdf
​Foundations of Math & Pre-Calc 10​Trish PhillipsFoundations 10.pdf
​Foundations of Math & Pre-Calc 10
​Colin SherkFoundations 10.pdf
​Apprenticeship &  Workplace Math 11​Trish Phillips
​Foundations of Math 11​Trish PhillipsFoundations 11.pdf
Pre-Calculus 11​Trish Phillips
Pre-Calculus 11Colin SherkPre-Calculus 11.pdf
Foundations of Math 12Colin SherkFoundations 12.pdf
Pre-Calculus 12
Colin SherkPre-Calculus 12.pdf
​Calculus 12​​Colin SherkCalculus 12 Sherk.pdf


David Thompson
Secondary School

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