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David Thompson
Secondary School
Aim High
Student Handbook




Student Handbook 

2017 – 201​8







R.R. 4  1535 - 14 Street  Unit 1

Invermere:  British Columbia, Canada  V0A 1K4

Telephone:  (250) 342-9213


Principal:   Mr. Darren Danyluk

Vice-Principals: Mr. Glen Sage & Mrs. Lisa Tenta






Our mission is to encourage learning by providing opportunity, challenge and guidance.

This means:

  • Staff and students work together, are positive with one another, care for and support each other,
  • we are here to purposefully LEARN together,
  • working to the best of our abilities and striving for quality is our goal,
  • you will be challenged to grow as a learner and as a leader,
  • you will have the opportunity to learn through personal success,
  • this is your school; you are urged to become a part of it by being involved!

Make a commitment to be the best you can be and attend regularly.  We will do our best to help you achieve excellence.


What Is Expected Of You

Our goal is to produce an educated citizen who is responsible for his or her own future, and who has had the opportunity to achieve his or her own potential through a respectful, courteous, considerate, caring environment. This citizen is you!

You can help us achieve this goal by willingness to study, complete all assignments to a quality level and by being caring and respectful of all people and property in the school community.

The following is a partial list of things you need to know that will assist in your success. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in this book please contact Mr. Danyluk, Mr. Sage or Mrs. Tenta for clarification.  Thank you. Have a successful year.


Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible ~ Be Prepared ~ Be Punctual


Purpose of this Handbook​

This handbook is intended to serve the following purposes:

  • Give you and your parent's information about the school.
  • To involve you as informed partners in the school year.
  • Set expectations for you and indicate what the school offers you, so you can make appropriate decisions and use the school's resources,
  • Provide you with a calendar and a time planner, to help you use your time effectively and participate in events,
  • Act as a communication tool between parents/guardians                                                                                                                              and teachers, to ensure that your closest supporters can cooperate to assist you,
  • Give you a place to note assignments and to record your marks, so you can be involved in tracking your own learning progress.


Information About Our School

David Thompson Secondary School was named after the famous explorer who developed trade routes through this area.  The school enrolls approximately 400 students in Grades 8 through 12.  A wide selection of courses are offered by 24 teachers who are assisted by support staff.  The school has a combination of semestered, linear and term courses. 

School colors are Royal Blue and White and teams are nicknamed "Lakers".


What This School Offers You


Many activities are offered at Lunch Break and after school.  All school activities are available to every student, provided there are staff members to sponsor them.  Inter-school athletic teams include Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Curling, Golf, Skiing & Snowboarding, Soccer, Track & Field, and Volleyball.  Clubs include Art, Creative Writing, Drama, Football, Free Press, Knitting, Ping Pong, Open Mic, Remote Control Club, Student Council, Yearbook, and Weightlifting.  Dances and other events require help to prepare and are only successful if you attend.​

You are encouraged to get involved!  If you are interested in a club or activity not listed, please ask an administrator to check with staff for sponsorship.



Asse​mblies are scheduled periodically in order to recognize achievement, provide information, enrich curriculum and foster leadership opportunities for students.

All students are expected to attend each assembly, extend the utmost courtesy to others, and maintain the DTSS reputation for polite, considerate, and enthusiastic audiences.  Hats are not appropriate attire on these occasions and may not be worn in assemblies.  If there is a special circumstance that would exclude you from an assembly, please have your parents contact the school with an appropriate reason prior to the assembly.


Cafeteria/ Rocky Mountain Café

The Rocky Mountain Café, run by the Chef Training program is environmentally conscious and offers healthy food choices at 10 minute break and lunch.  Muffins, soups, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts are available Monday to Thursday. Silver ($25) and Gold ($50) punch cards are available to purchase at the office.



Courses are scheduled to best fit your requests.  Be sure to let us know if there are other courses you would like us to consider offering.  It is important that you consider your course selections carefully and involve your parents in both the selections and any changes you make.  Future plans, graduation and post-secondary training requirements must be considered.  Course changes must be made prior to the first day of school, in the gym.  The course change period ends the second week of each semester.



Dances, organized by Student Council and/or Leadership are open to D.T.S.S. students who are in full attendance on the day of the dance, and have no overdue books and no outstanding fees. Times are 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.  ​

All school rules apply. You must arrange approval for guests or for late arrival at least one day in advance.  Once in the dance, you may not re-enter if you leave the building.  Doors close at 8 p.m. 


Emergency Drills and Lockdown

In the event of an emergency, a fire alarm or siren will sound.  Students will be directed by their teacher whether to leave the school or remain in the classroom.  Should you not be in class when the FIRE alarm sounds, go directly outside.  Return to the school only upon a signal from an administrator.  If you hear the emergency siren and call for a LOCKDOWN, proceed to the nearest classroom.   Do not leave this area until directed to do so by an administrator or emergency official.



School fees are $11.00. An optional agenda book is $9.00 and yearbook $45.00.  Grade 8 students or others new to the school have a $5.00 charge that is refunded to a student's grad fees in grade 12.  School fees are due on the first day of school.  Other charges will be levied for lost or damaged textbooks and property damage.  Students who have paid all charges will be considered in "Good Standing".



Open to all, these activities in the gym and the playing fields at lunch time are intended to include everyone in "fun" events, regardless of athletic ability.  Come and join in or watch.  (No food or drink in the gym, and proper gym attire must be worn).


Lockers and Locks

Lockers and locks remain the property of the school, must be maintained and left in good order at the end of the year, and may be searched.  You are expected to use only the school lock and locker assigned to you.  There should be no stickers attached to the inside or exterior of the lockers.


Lost and Found

Located at the office and in the gymnasium.  Anything found should be brought to the office. Students are responsible for the care and safety of their personal belongings.  The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles, but any thefts should be reported immediately to the office.

Students are warned not to bring large sums of money or valuables to school.  During PE class, items such as watches and jewelry should be locked in your locker and not left in pockets or purses in the change room.



The medical room and first aid supplies are located at the office.  Please check with the office staff if you need help.  If you become ill, it is essential you check in with the office.  You must sign out before leaving the school if you are going home.


Open Doors

Open Doors offers an alternate route to graduation using a combination of Distance Education and locally developed curriculum. Contact Open Doors at (250) 342-3060 for more information.

Parent Advisory Committee

Parents and Guardians of David Thompson Secondary students are welcome to join this group of parents, guardians and administrators which acts as an advisory group to the school.  You will be notified of meetings through the school newsletters.


Printing Cache

$3.00 from every student's fee will be deposited in a cache to assist with the costs of paper, toner, and ink.  One printed black and white sheet is 5¢ and one colour print off is 20¢.  Credits can be purchased at the main office, with a minimum $2.00 purchase at one time.



Students, staff, parents and community members deserve recognition when they achieve well or provide service to others.  Recognition may be saying "thank you" or "well done", a letter or certificate, acknowledgment in a class or an assembly, or being named for an award. 

You are urged to strive for excellence deserving of recognition, to serve others, and support those when they are recognized. Here are some honours you may wish to work toward:

Honour Roll

  • 80% average with no course mark below 60%.  Students must be enrolled in a full course load.
  • Students may withdraw from a course and remain eligible if they are still taking a full course load (7 for grade 12 students and 8 for all other students).
  • When calculating Year-end Honour Roll, the final grades are used and 2 credit courses are weighted half as much as 4 credit courses to reflect 50 hours of instruction vs. 100 hours.  This only applies to grade 8 and 9.

 Governor General's Academic Medal

  • The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student's official Transcript of Grades issued by the Ministry of Education. The average cannot be anticipated; it must be calculated based on final results after provincial exams.
  • There is no differentiation between "academic" and "vocational" types of courses; all those courses taken which directly result in the obtaining of a secondary school diploma, should, for obvious reasons, be included in the calculation.
  • This award is given the June after graduation to allow for provincial exam marks to be included in the average.

Honours Medallion

  • This is awarded to grade 12 graduating students with a B average in all grade 10-12 courses leading to graduation.

Major Awards (Grade 12)

Top All-Around Student



    • has a history of outstanding involvement and achievement in a wide variety of areas including scholarship, athletics, visual and/or performing arts and applied skills.
    • demonstrates academic excellence and an exemplary work ethic.
    • is a positive role model who is widely respected in the school community for their initiative, dedication and hard work.
    • community involvement is not necessary, but will be considered.
    • would act as an excellent ambassador for our school.

​Rotarian Leadership



    • has a vision or goal to enrich the school community.
    • can generate, spearhead, direct and conclude initiatives undertaken.
    • is able to influence and motivate others to achieve a positive outcome for the benefit of the school.
    • acts as a good role model, inspires trust and confidence in others and is widely respected in the school.
    • community involvement is not necessary, but will be considered.
    • would act as an excellent ambassador for our school.


Citizen of the Year



    • is a reliable, congenial, respectful and mature facilitator, helper and supporter who consistently assist others to an exceptional degree.
    • unselfishly works to build positive spirit and sense of community in the school.
    • is widely respected for their dedication, hard work, responsibility and helpfulness.
    • community involvement is not necessary, but will be considered.
    • would act as an excellent ambassador for our school.


You and your parent/guardian will receive at least four (4) formal report cards throughout the school year.  Each teacher will also issue interim reports.  As well, students and parents are encouraged to contact the school at any time to discuss student achievement. Parent Teacher interviews will be held twice a year.


School Accident Insurance

The opportunity exists for all students to purchase inexpensive accident insurance for a small fee. We strongly suggest that all students do so as a precaution against unavoidable and unforeseen situations. Please help us ensure proper care is provided to anyone injured by notifying the teacher in charge of the activity and the office immediately.


School Buses

School buses are provided for your convenience.  Students who do not follow bus regulations may lose this privilege. 


Student Parking

Students may park only in designated areas. Students are expected to drive in a considerate, careful manner on and around school grounds. All vehicles illegally parked may be towed away at the owner's expense! 


Student Support

Counsellors, Learning Assistance teachers, Resource Room teacher, STAIRS teacher, Community Link Youth Support Worker, and Open Doors are available to assist students.


Student Photocopier

A photocopier for student use is located in the Library.  The cost will be 5 cents per copy for black and white and 25 cents for colour. Students may not use the staff photocopiers.


Study Blocks

Student Prep blocks are available to Grade 12 students who meet the requirements.  Parent ​endorsement for this block is required.  Students should see the counsellors for information.



Our school is fortunate in having capable people to help us whenever our regular teachers are ill, or are attending conferences.  Teachers-on-call provide an important service to our school.  You are expected to be polite, helpful, and considerate, as you would be to your regular teacher.



Students will be responsible for all issued textbooks. If a book is lost or damaged, an appropriate fee will be charged. 


David Thompson
Secondary School

1535-14th St. Unit 1, Invermere, BC V0A1K4 Phone: 250-342-9213 Fax: 250-342-6966 Office Hours:
8:00 - 4:00 (Monday - Thursday)
8:00 - 2:00 (Friday)
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