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New ERASE Bullying Website

January 02, 2019

Ministry Launches New erase Website

The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that the new erase website is now live: (expect respect & a safe education) is a provincial strategy for creating safe, inclusive and welcoming school cultures that support student learning and well-being. You can access the site from the SD 6 website, and at each school website, under the Parent / Student tab. The erase site was created following extensive consultation with students, parents, and educators.

Since its inception in 2012, erase has exceeded expectations and achieved a number of accomplishments, including:

o    Delivery of over 280 training sessions to over 18,000 educators and partners;

o    Development of an online reporting tool, with more than 1,200 incidents reported;

o    Creation of a network of more than 60 dedicated safe school coordinators;

o    Updated codes of conduct for schools to be inclusive of SOGI and cyberbullying;

o    Development of provincial guidelines for threat assessments; and

o    Creation of online resources for parents and students.

The world has changed since the erase strategy was first introduced. The evolution of social media, youth mental health concerns, world events impacting our schools and other factors have all contributed to the need for an updated erase strategy.

The erase strategy has been expanded to address these complex issues and take a collaborative approach across ministry departments to:

o    Improve information sharing within and between systems;

o    Increase student safety; and

o    Integrate mental health, and SOGI supports with a specific focus on classroom teachers and parents.

In addition to the website having an expanded Get Help section, the new erase website includes an online reporting tool, and valuable information and resources for students, parents, and educators on topics such as online safety, mental health and well-being, bullying and violence, substance use and SOGI.

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