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Principal's Message

​​​Mark.jpgA few thoughts from the corner office….

Thank you to the dozen or so parents that attended our opening PAC meeting, the next one is slated for the 17th…we’ll spend some time reviewing the school’s Plan for Student Success, as well as highlighting any changes/edits to the Safe, Caring, and Orderly Schools document. If you would like to look at the S, C, & O S document ahead of time, get in touch with me and I will send you PDF version.

PLEASE make the effort to have your child(ren) here on time everyday…very valuable learning, routine building, and social connection opportunities are lost when these minutes are lost. BUT, in the rush to ‘beat the bell’, please refrain from walking through the parking lot. It’s up to us adults to be proper (& safe) role models…I can’t imagine the anguish should someone be hurt during such an avoidable behavior.

Happy Fall!