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Golden Secondary School
Principal's Message

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Welcome to Golden Secondary School and to Golden Alternate School!  We believe in an inclusive model of education founded on the principles of learning espoused by the OECD - The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Specifically, students are at the centre of what we do and why we do it. In our practice, we strive to meet the unique needs of all students by undestanding who they are and what they need. I am proud of our ongoing commitment to these principles and values.

We are appraoching the beginning of Second Semester in the new decade of 2020 and we have some exciting news to share!

Our timetable will be changing in 2020-2021. We wil lbe adjusting the timetable to incorporate a more regular course rotation as well as predictability in the transitions thorughout the day. Also, we will be running all grade 8-9 courses as full year options. All grade 10-12 courses will be semestered to better link courses for students who move schools midway through the year. For more information, please read the January newsletter from the news archive linked here, or give us a call at the school. As always, we have connected with the parent group to provide feedback, but we always welcome your input about how the timetable is working for you.

Next year, during semester two, we will be expanding our Outdoor Education course to an Outdoor Education Academy. This Academy will continue to offer unique and powerful outdoor experiences and learning. However, the academy will feature learning in four courses all linked to the students' outdoor experience: English, Digital Media and Design, Physical Health Education, and Outdoor Education. Students who apply to this academy will take all four courses in the second semester. Students who do not wish to take outdoor education through the academy can still register for Outdoor Education as a stand alone option in Semester One.

The code of conduct has been revised under the website heading. It is now a one page document that can be easily printed and distributed. Should you wish to read the more detailed version of this code, you can find it contained in the student hadnbook.

On behalf of the team at GSS and GAS, I want to wish all students best of luck and learning as we head into the second half of the year!


Steve Wyer