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Golden Secondary School
French/French Immersion
French Department/French Immersion

Golden Secondary offers instruction in French in two formats:  French as a Second Language and French Immersion.

Communication is the fundamental goal of the French as a Second Language program.  Oral and written activities provide opportunities for true communication about teen subjects.  In this program, students share real information while expressing themselves in French.  We use videos, comic strips, plays, and language monitors as well as a variety of other resources.  Units focus on topics of interest such as food, friendship and fashion to create a link between what is taught in the classroom and daily life.   On occasion, opportunities to travel to a French-speaking area are provided through the French Department. 


In the Grade 4 Late Entry French Immersion program, students have the majority of instruction in French, and by the time students are at Golden Secondary, they receive approximately half their subjects in French and the remainder are taken in English.