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Golden Secondary School
Student Services

​​​​​Student Services

​​​​Student Services strives to support students in all areas - academic, social, emotional, and physical -  by providing a variety of services and programs for students.  These services may be accessed formally or informally through student self-referrals, parent requests for assistance, teacher referrals, or peer referrals.

​Student Services Staff

​​Amanda Craigie                          Learning Services Teacher ​

Ron Ainslie                                   Personal Counsellor; Learning Services Teacher

Todd Wilson                                Career Counsellor

Susan Harrington                       Youth Care Worker

Melissa Miller                              Youth Care Worker

Dana Setter                                 Aboriginal Education Support Staff

Natalie McLean                           Education Assistant   

Wanda Anderson                        Education Assistant

Ann Purvis                                    Education Assistant

​Elizabeth Selby                            Education Assistant

Shelley Harris                              Education Assistant

Angie MacKinnon                        Education Assistant

Learning Services

​Students who are funded under one or more of the special education categories receive individualized educational plans designed by a team including the student , parents, Learning Services Teacher, Special Education Assistants and other resource people as required ( i.e. physiotherapist, medical doctor, speech and language pathologist).  The majority of these students are on the regular graduation route leading to a Dogwood Diploma and a few of these students are on a modified program leading to the completion of an Evergreen (formerly known as a School Leaving) Certificate.

Students who have a history of learning difficulties or disabilities may be referred to the School Based Team for additional supports.  Support takes various forms: specific adaptations provided by the classroom teacher, in-class support (Special Education Assistant), or a block of time in the Support Services room.  All of these students are on the regular graduation route leading to a Dogwood Diploma.

English As a Second Language (ESL)

​This program is designed to assist students in becoming proficient with speaking, reading, and writing the English language.  Students receive individualized instruction following an individualized education program and receive support for their integrated courses so they can be successful.

Career Counselling

​A number of services are provided through the Career Centre including student scheduling, work experience, career planning, university/college information, and calculations of graduation credits.

Personal Counselling

​Students who are experiencing difficulty with academic, social or emotional concerns may access support through the student counsellor.

Youth Care Worker

​GSS focuses on attachment through the efforts of the Youth Care Workers who provide encouragement and support for students to attend regularly, liaison between students, parents and teachers for students at-risk of failing or missing school, and provide individual and small group social-emotional support. One of the Youth Care Workers also oversees the after-school study hall which runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30.

Aboriginal Education

​Federal funding provides additional support of Aboriginal students to increase their opportunities for success.  Parents can apply to have their children in this program by contacting the school.  GSS has an aboriginal centre called the Kikino Room staffed by two Aboriginal Education Support Workers.  Students can drop in to the Kikino Room and become engaged in a variety of activities such as homework completion, crafts, and receive social-emotional support.  There are also special events such as field trips and guest speakers planned throughout the year.