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Marysville Elementary
School District #6 Rocky Mountain
Principal's Message

I believe all children can excel.  It is from this foundation that every decision, action and goal, springs. 

I believe that schools need to educate the whole child. Too often our emphasis is on a child's academic achievement and while this is important, we also need to foster a child's physical, emotional and social growth. We need to create a school community in which students possess and apply critical thinking skills, are reflective of their practice, feel confident in their ability to learn and their ability to achieve goals and have the tool set to accomplish the tasks they set for themselves.  Schools must be a welcoming, positive and equitable environment where all students learn from one another and feel safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.  

Every learner must be deeply engaged and actively involved in their learning, and it's the school's role to meet a child where they are and then, together with parents, create a plan that allows the student to achieve the learning outcomes that are the most appropriate for the individual.  I believe that parents know their children best and it is a wise educator that listens to a parent's concerns and instincts relating to their child.   We can no longer have children going home and being asked the question, "what did you learn today?", and responding with, "nothing."  By opening the doors to our classrooms, we have the opportunity to change the conversation at home.  Parents are able to be actively involved in the process of learning, leading to a greater opportunity for the success of each child.  The more we can involve parents in this process, the more likely students will be successful in school, and beyond.

School is a place where students should feel important, respected, cared for and believed in. I strive to facilitate and contribute to an environment where it's possible for students to reach their full potential, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, give and receive feedback, create, and try their best. If every student believes that they can, then they're right, they will. ​​​ Welcome to Marysville Elementary School!

 ~Jen Quigley