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McKim Middle
Clubs & Activities

Clubs are updated and change often. They are dependent on the volunteer availability. 

All Grades Outdoor Club: Every 2nd Wednesday 3:00 - 5:15pm - Mr. Ferguson

All Grades Running Club: Done for the season

All Grades Ping pong Club:  Wednesday/Thursday 3:00 - 4:40pm - Mr. McCue

Grades 6 & 7 Drama Club: Friday 1:30 - 2:00pm - Mr. McCue

Grade 7 Boys Volleyball : Done for the season

Grade 7 Girls Volleyball:  Done for the season

All Grades Board Game Club: Monday at Lunch recess in the Learning Hub - Ms Kyla & Ms Kingwell/Rm 208

All Grades Inclusion Club: Wednesday at Lunch recess - Ms Kyla & Ms Kingwell/Rm 208

All Grades YANA Club ( You Are Not Alone): Thursday at Lunch recess - Ms. Sellars/Rm 140

All Grades Aboriginal Club: Lunch recess (Gr. 4/5 Monday/Wednesday; Gr. 6/7 Tuesday/Thursday) - Ms. Marina/Rm 118

All Grades Yoga Club: Wednesday at Lunch recess in the Theatre - Mrs. Bramble

* New All Grades  Adventure Club: Fridays 1:30-4pm - Ms. Turcon & Mr .Carrier

* New All Grades Assembly Club: details to follow shortly

* New All Grades Inter-murals: Lunchtime recess - Please listen to announcements. Mrs. Cooper and  Mr. Carrier

All Grades Recycling Thursday at Lunch recess - Ms. Stang

Coming in the new year....

Grade 6 & 7 Girls  Basketball: January-March - Ms. Turcon & Mrs. D'Etcheverrey

Grade 6 & 7 Boys Basketball: January-March: Mr. Bowes

All Grades Track and Field: May-June - Mr. Bowes

All Grades Baseball: May-June - Mr. Carrier