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Nicholson Elementary
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Staff Directory

​​Nicholson Elementary Staff 2017-18

Mrs. ​Kara Hunt​
​Ms. Margo Reinders​Grade 1/
​Ms. Sarah Lutgen​Grade 2/
​Ms. Runa Bjarnason-Wilson​Grade 4/
​Mr. Andrew McCarthy​Grade 6/
​Mrs. Pamela Broderick​Grade 6/7​
​Mrs. Tracy Lillies​Learning Services/Teacher
​Mrs. Kathy Thorne​Aboriginal Education Support Worker​
​Mrs. Maggie Calladine​Arts Education​​​
​Mrs. Nancy Watson​School Secretary​
​Mr. Bob Wilson​Principal and Gr. 2/3​​

Runa Bjarnason-WilsonWebsite
Pamela Broderick 
Maggie Calladine 
Dana Ford 
Kara Hunt 
Karen Jones 
Tracy Lillies 
Sarah Lutgen 
Andrew McCarthy 
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Margo Reinders 
Kathy Thorne 
nes ttoc 
Nancy Watson 
Bob WilsonWebsite