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Welcome to our new website!

September 22, 2017


Welcome to our new Nicholson Elementary website!  Many places are still under construction, but here is a snapshot of what you can, and will be able to,​​ find as we add more content:

  • ​Permission forms under the "parents" tab.  A form didn't make it home?  There will be a PDF copy here to print and submit.
  • A school events calendar to which you can subscribe and follow on your device or desktop.
  • A snapshot view of both the school's recent Facebook postings as well as information from the Rocky Mountain School District Twitter account.
  • Alerts and other important information (e.g., school bus routes on unusual weather days) posted right to the top of the page.​​
  • The school newsletter!​
As we make this transition the old website is still active in case we haven't moved something on which you rely:​.  Let us know if there is anything we should move that we haven't by sending a reply on our contact​ page.