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Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning
8 - 12 Online Courses

​​Grade 8 - 12 Courses Offered
​English ​​8Lisa Tenta​
​Math 8​Lisa Tenta​
Physical and Health Education​​8Lisa Tenta​
​Science​8Lisa Tenta​
Social Studies​​8​Lisa Tenta
​English​9​Lisa Tenta
​Math​9​Lisa Tenta
Physical and Health Education​​9Lisa Tenta​
​Science ​9​Lisa Tenta
Social Studies​9​Lisa Tenta​
​Career Life Education10​Jennifer Petrovics​
​English 10: Composition10​Jennifer Petrovics​
English 10: Creative Writting​10​Jennifer Petrovics​
​English 10: Focused Literary Study10​Jennifer Petrovics​
English 10: New Media​10​​Jennifer Petrovics
​English 10: Spoken Language10​Jennifer Petrovics
​Equine Studies10​Kristin Garratt​
​French10​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Math 10 Workplace10​Kristin Garratt​
​Math 10 Foundations and Pre-Calculus10​Kristin Garratt​
​Science10​Kristin Garratt​
​Physical Education10​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Accounting 11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Biology 11​Kristin Garratt​
​Chemistry11​Kristin Garratt​
​Earth Science11​Kristin Garratt​
​English 11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Food Studies11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​French11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Introductory Spanish11​Jennifer Petrovics​
Japanese ​11​Jennifer Petrovics​
Interpersonal and Family Relationships
11​Kristin Garratt​
​Math Foundations​11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Math Workplace​11​Kristin Garratt
​Math Pre-Calculus​11​Kristin Garratt
​Physical and Health Education11​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Physics11​Kristin Garratt​
​Science for Citizens11​Kristin Garratt​
Spanish​11​​Jennifer Petrovics
​BC First Nations Studies12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Biology12​Kristin Garratt​
Business Computer Applications​12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Calculus12​Kristin Garratt​
​Career Life Connections12​Kristin Garratt​
​Child Development and Caregiving12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Chemistry12​Kristin Garratt​
​Digital Photography12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Economics12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​English First Peoples12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Food Studies12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​French 12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Japanese12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Law Studies12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Math Foundations12​Kristin Garratt​
​Math Pre-Calculus12​Kristin Garratt​
​Physical and Health Education12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Physical Geography12​Jennifer Petrovics​
Physics​12​Kristin Garratt​
​Psychology12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​Spanish12​Jennifer Petrovics​
Writting​12​Jennifer Petrovics​
​20th Century World History12​Jennifer Petrovics​