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Equine Studies 10

Equine Studies 10

Our Equine Studies 10 course is designed to meet the needs and interests of a wide range of students, from those with little or no experience to those very high level competitors, some of which involved at an international level. Students will develop and/or expand their knowledge of safety around horses, horse psychology, communication, horse health and care. Students will share their thoughts and ideas in a community of learners all with the same passion for horses. Students will get to know each other through our various forums and share their personal interests and questions in our Chat At The Barn forum. This four credit course is ministry approved and leads students towards the BC Dogwood graduation.

Prerequisite: A love of horses!

    • Unit 1: Introduction
    • Unit 2: Horse Psychology and Safety of the Rider
    • Unit 3:  Horses: History and Colours
    • Unit 4:  Breeds and Organizations
    • Unit 5:   Introduction to Horse Physiology & Communication
    • Unit 6: Introduction to Horse Care and Health
    • Unit 7: Equine Terminology / Pursuing Your Passion

  • Project1: Student Centered Activity

  • Project 2: Reading Assignment​