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Equine Studies 11

Equine Studies 11

This is an intermediate course where the students further their knowledge in all areas of horsemanship. Students will receive instruction on topics such as: horse physiology, buying and care of a horse, researching topics of their interest and Equine related businesses. Students will begin in depth study on their chosen riding discipline, for example, dressage, jumping, barrels etc. This course may also provide students with opportunities to gather portfolio evidence for the following aspects: Education and Career Planning, Employability Skills, Community Involvement & Responsibility and Personal Health. Equine Studies 11 is the prerequisite for Equine Studies 12 or alternatively an Independent Directed Studies 12 designed by the student to meet their own equine needs and interests.

Prerequisite: Equine Studies 10

Unit 1: Introduction/Goal Setting/Foundation Skills
Unit 2: Horse Psychology and Safety
Unit 3: Physiology of Horse & Rider
Unit 4: Horse Health and Care
Unit 5: Careers With Horses
Unit 6: Horse Costs and Business Plans

Project 1:  Student Centred Activity

Project 2: Research into Focus Area​