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Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning
Independent Directed Study

Independent Directed Study (IDS) 12

Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning School offers students who have completed our Equine Studies 10 and 11 courses an opportunity to develop a grade 12 level course related to equine pursuits and the horse industry focused on their own areas of interest which is typically career oriented. Courses are designed to take between 100 and 120 hours and students receive a full four credits towards their graduation requirements. 

For further information on the ministry policy see: Earning Credit through Independent Directed Studies 

 Here at the Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning school we offer our students the opportunity to extend their studies of our courses by providing the opportunity to pursue their own independent directed course of study. Our IDS program is student directed with support, guidance and mentorship provided by our teaching staff. Each IDS student will be assigned a teacher to oversee the course. A template provides the framework within which our students progress through Steps to establish a course of study with a name, an overall purpose, learning goals, a plan, and criteria for success.

IDS is a process

It is important to understand that IDS is a process. It begins with the student and support teacher working together to establish a focus and purpose with topic areas to be identified. The development of the proposal constitutes Step 1 of the process. Students are expected to submit their proposal; after which feedback and discussion will follow and the student will then resubmit this with the necessary revisions or modifications. Once Step 1: The Proposal has been approved, students will receive a mark and move on to Step 2: The Plan. In this way we can ensure a clear outline is developed and pursued. It is with this approach that students will be academically successful and intrinsically rewarded.

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