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Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning
Horses In High School

Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning School offers an on-line program of study that facilitates learning in the subject area of horses!

Our Equine Studies courses are B.C. Senior Secondary School approved and are available to all horse enthusiasts. The program of study develops from an emphasis on horse care, health, and communication through to riding skills and on to a career focus as one progresses from Equine 10 through 12. An Independent Directed Studies ((IDS) is available at the grade 12 level for those who wish to develop their own equine related course of study to meet their individual needs and interests. Courses are available at no cost to all grade 8 to 12 students who are residents of British Columbia. All courses are Accredited BC Dogwood Graduation elective courses and earn 4 credits each. For more information about each of the course offerings, please read below!

"I have to begin with saying that I greatly enjoy this class, it’s the first time I’ve really been offered a class I thoroughly enjoy. It’s helping me prepare for my career path, and helps me day to day with the horses I currently own... I noticed the course was extremely easy to understand and work with, so those who know horses and those who don’t can work well with this class. I also have to say that it’s not easy to the point that I know everything, I learn something I didn’t know about horses with each assignment and I really love that about the course."   
(Natasha A. former Equine Studies student)

Program Highlights
  • Students get to explore an area of interest!!
  • You earn credits towards High School Graduation!
  • 3 formal equine courses!
  • You can create your own IDS-12 course, related to the equine world!
  • Beginner to advanced are all welcome!
  • Courses are all online, allowing you to fit the course into your schedule!​