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Learn at Home Program

Learn at Home Program Information

Learn at Home Program

Our Learning @ Home DL program is for students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 who reside in the School District 6 (Rocky Mountain) region. It is designed for those families who would like a flexible program that is geared to their particular situation. This program works well for those who are:

  • Students with health or personal issues that prevent attendance in a regular school setting
  • Students in athletic and performing arts programs who require a flexible study schedule
  • Students temporarily out-of-province or out-of-country, who wish to continue studying the B.C. elementary curriculum with the support of a certified B.C. teacher
  • Students who choose to learn at home

Each family will have their unique reasons for wanting educational opportunities tailored to their situation, with a flexible means for learners to complete their elementary school years outside of the traditional classroom setting.

All of our K-9 programs are led by a BC Certified teacher who is responsible for the planning, teaching, assessing, and reporting for the course. Parents are invited to work cooperatively as home-instructors under the direction and guidance of School District 6 teachers.

Learn@Home programs are teacher directed and involve interaction between student and teacher, including lessons, presentations, and scheduled face-to-face meetings. Unlike correspondence courses which often see students working in isolation, Learn@Home programs offer students opportunities to interact with their instructor during online and site-based activities.

Course and Program General Information

The Learn@Home K-9 program:

Is designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 who reside within the boundaries of School District 6 (Rocky Mountain) or within self-funded transportation distance to designated learning sites. Focuses upon the individual needs of the learner while encouraging parents and teachers to work as an educational team. Teaches towards the Ministry of Education's prescribed learning outcomes. Are flexible and allow families to take advantage of many of the SD #6 facilities, activities and resources.

Program Features:

  • Co-planning of an individualized Learning Plan for each enrolled child. Three formal reports written by the program teacher, and a minimum of two informal reports each school year
  • Supports the use of alternative resources for meeting learning outcomes
  • Expects regular and on-going co-planning between the parent the teacher respecting the needs of the child
  • Completion of formal reports and reporting of grade level standing

Parents and teachers will work to...

  • Develop a written individualized Learning Plan for the child
  • Maintain documentation of the child’s growth and learning using a student learning portfolio
  • Ensure that the variety of learning resources and district materials are kept sound and secure so that all learners can have access to this resource
  • Ensure that through registration, co-planning and regular evaluation and reporting, the learning program complies with the Ministry of Education requirements
  • Meet at least once each reporting period and more often as necessary to support the child​