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Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning
Adult Learners

​​Non-Graduated Adults

​Adults who are BC residents and have not graduated high school can register for free online courses​ through RMDL.  An adult who has not graduated may take eligible courses that lead to either the BC Certificate of Graduation (the Dogwood) or that lead to the Adult Graduation Diploma (the Adult Dogwood).

Please click here​ to find out more about graduation requirements.

Graduated Adults​​

​Effective September 1, 2017, adult students who have graduated may take tuition-free courses.  These tuition-free courses may be taken through RMDL.  We encourage you to contact us​ prior to enrolling so that we can go over which options are best for you.

First Peoples English 12

English 11

English 12

Life Sciences (Biology 11)

Anatomy and Physiology  (Biology 12)

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 12

Physics 11

Physics 12

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11

Foundations of Math 11

Pre-Calculus 11

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 12

Foundations of Math 12

Pre-Calculus 12

Calculus 12