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Coaches Roles and Responsibilities

Selkirk Coaches act as Team Managers and are responsible for communicating with parents and players.  This will include changes to practices, games, and travel times. Coaches are also responsible for organizing Parent Drivers if required.  A manifest of parent contact information is created once the team roster is submitted to the Athletic Director.

Please refer to the Selkirk Storm Coaches Contract and Expecations.docx for more details.

Tentative dates for Coaches Meetings: (6pm in the Selkirk Library)

TBD  Fall Season 

TBD  Winter Season

TBD  Spring Season

Requirements for Coaches

  1.  Submit a Criminal Record Check that can be done at RCMP and submitted to office.  Free for volunteers
  2. Attend a Child Abuse Reporting Protocol information session annually
  3. Complete a CATT concussion training certificate online at:
    Please forward the 
    certificate to

Parent Drivers will be organised by coaches within the first 2 weeks of the season of play and complete the following:

  • Submit a Criminal Record Check that can be done at RCMP and submitted to office.  Free for volunteers
  • Attend a Child Abuse Reporting Protocol information session annually
  • Submit a drivers abstract from the ICBC website here:  ICBC Website Link
  • Submit copies of car insurance and drivers license
  • Have the vehicle inspected by an Administrator
  • Have winter tires that show the Snowflake symbol from Oct 1- April 30

Other coaching responsibilities include:

  • Submit a team roster to AD for player registration on BCSS
  • Connect with Parents for players with medical alerts regarding protocol in case of a medical emergency - anaphylaxis allergic reactions or seizures
  • Communicate with team about changes to games/practices via text and/or at practices
  • Distribute and record uniforms at start of season
  • Collect uniforms after last game of season
  • Wash, record, and return uniforms

Fundraising for athletics is reserved for Senior Teams attending Provincial Tournaments to help offset the costs associated with travel, accommodation, and entry fees.  All fundraising must be approved by Administration before it is organized.

Tournament Responsibilities:


  1. Collect permission forms and fees for each away tournament.
  2. Finalize copies of team manifest and permission forms before leaving for tournaments (1 copy of manifest and all permission form at office, 1 copy of manifest and all permission form for coach, 1 manifest for the bus driver each day)
  3. All manifest changes need to be reported to the office or to Clint at 432-5336
  4. Parents may not drive a student home after a game (other than their own child) without written consent on a permission form
  5. Collect the Entry Fee Cheque, Medical Kit and Ball Bag for each tournament.


  1. Organize food with players for the Coaches room.
  2. Run the tournament:
  • record game scores and results, calculate pool play results
  • manage scorekeepers
  • hand out info/t-shirts to all participating teams
  • stay on site for the duration of the entire tournament to assist other team needs including first aid supplies
  • clean up coaches room and gym at end of each day
  • award trophy to winning team
  • AD will open/close the school to set alarm
Code of Conduct Letter: code_of_conduct_letter[1].docx
Team list for Registration: Team List for BCSS Registration.docx
Playing Up:Playing Up (1).doc
​Criminal Record Check Consent:
​Please contact the Kimberley RCMP to obtain a CRC free for Volunteers


Selkirk Storm Athletics relies on community volunteers and parents to take on coaching roles.  All coaches are required to have a Criminal Record Check valid within the previous 5 years from the Kimberley RCMP.  In addition, all coaches are required to complete an  ANNUAL Child Abuse Reporting Protocol (CARP) session with a school administrator.  These CARP sessions are scheduled at the start of each school year at Selkirk and McKim.  Please call the school for CARP session dates.  Coaches are also required to complete a CATT concussion training certificate online.


BC School Sport mandates that student-athletes can now play-up to a more senior team during league play without restriction on the number of days. A student-athlete who is otherwise eligible and is registered is eligible to join the more senior team in that sport after the completion of the lower age level team’s restricted competition and play-off schedule. In certain situations, it may be beneficial for athletes to play a level above what they are registered. This is not a common occurrence, but may take place in specific situations where it benefits both the team and athlete. Coaches are not to ‘recruit’ junior age players. They are to speak directly with athletic director(s) and junior coach prior to expressing any interest to the junior age player. Refer to the Playing Up document above.  In these situations, the athlete, the family, coaches, and athletic directors are consulted. A final decision will be made by Selkirk’s Athletic Committee.


Junior Provincials are not sanctioned by BC School Sports. Therefore, junior teams wanting to compete at a junior provincial tournament must submit a written request to Selkirk’s Athletic Directors. The request will state their reasons to participate, players and chaperones committed to going, and a breakdown of costs. The request should be done as early in the season as possible so parents/guardians can be made aware of potential costs No school funding is available. This tournament must not interfere with local zone championships. A final decision will be made by Selkirk’s Athletic Committee. 

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