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Parents and Athletes


​Student Athlete Code of Conduct:​Student Athlete Code of Conduct.docx
​​​Selkirk Storm Athlete Letter to Parents: Selkirk Storm Athlete Letter to Parents.docx

Working Together

Selkirk has been very fortunate to not only have great athletes in the past, but great support from their families and the community as well. We always welcome your questions and comments.

Potential Known Risks

It is important for all parents to be aware of the potential risks of playing on a school sports team. These risks include:
• Road conditions
• General risks associated with participating in school sport such as injury
• Supervision- at any sports activity it is important for parents to understand that athletes will be both directly supervised and indirectly supervised. Direct supervision includes the times when an athlete is with their coach(es) and/or chaperone(s). This includes practice and game times. Indirect supervision includes times when an athlete may not be with his/her coach(es) and/or chaperone(s). An example would be shopping at a mall. In cases of indirect supervision, athletes will always be given cell phone number and know where to find his/her coach(es)/chaperone(s). In cases of indirect supervision athletes will be expected to be with another athlete ("buddy") at all time.

Athlete Fee

There is a $25 athlete fee charged per sport played.  This fee covers a team photo for each player and the cost to replace team uniforms regularly.  

Tournament Fees

Tournament fees are charged at Selkirk to cover the associated costs incurred to participate on a team. These fees are charged per tournament or playday. Team expenses are on a cost sharing basis and will cover items such as entry fees, transportation, accommodation, and coach’s expenses.  Athletes are responsible for their own food and personal expenses. Fees can be paid to either the Athletic Director or team coach. Cheques are recommended and should be made out to Selkirk Secondary. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the Athletic Department.

Practice and Game Day Attendance

School policy mandates that students attend all classes, including those outside of the timetable, on days of competition or practices. Students are not permitted to sleep-in for extra rest or miss class to prepare for events. Attendance up to the designated departure time is mandatory, but classes beyond departure can be excused once the teacher signs-off on the permission form. In the case of an excused absence such as a medical appointment, a note from the appointment is sufficient.
Media in Schools

Outside Media Release and Personal Consent Information forms must be completed and returned to Selkirk's office. Non-submitted forms will result in your child's photo not being in the yearbook, team photos, etc. If you have questions, please contact SD6's Information and Privacy Officer: Cheryl Lenardon 

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