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Selkirk Storm Athletics strives to provide opportunities for students to enjoy sport while developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes that enable students to move forward in sports. 
In general, our programs are organized by age and grade; however, some sports are school-wide. The Bantam level focuses primarily on skill development and has more opportunity for equal play. The Jr. level focuses on skill development, although the season may become more competitive as the season progresses which can affect play time. At the Sr. level of sport, the focus shifts to competitive play, and equal play time may not be possible.  ​
Coaches, athletes, and parents are encouraged to work together to make the athletic experience a positive one for all involved. With the ‘team’ concept in mind, the following guidelines have been established to help make sure that student-athletes are rewarded with the best experience possible.


The primary reason that most kids choose sport is because it is fun. They enjoy the company of their peers, competition, learning, and working hard. Often the players' expectations are different from their parents. We encourage students and parents to discuss expectations before seasons begin, and throughout the season. Sport provides great opportunities to develop character and grow personally and getting kids to stay in sports because they enjoy it is a huge part of the process. 


Experiences through sport often mimic life situations. Athletes often develop skills through sporting experience that help in other aspects of life. Learning to win is as important as learning how to deal with loss. Learning to cooperate and work as a team is also important. Sport provides opportunities for decision making and judgment calls. Through all of this, we feel that student-athletes are able to develop character and grow personally. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to guide and advise, while there are times when students benefit more greatly by figuring out situations on their own.


Each member of a team is valuable to the teams’ overall success. Each sport and each level of play may have different goals for individuals and the team. As teams move from fundamental skill development, to entering competitive phases of sport programs, it can be expected that issues such as play-time will change. There are times when an athlete needs to accept a role within the team other than what their expectation is. This is another learning opportunity that can be a positive experience. 


Please see coaches section for information.


Selkirk Storm Athletics has the highest of expectations for its coaches and athletes in their conduct. Above all else, athletes and coaches are expected to represent themselves and our school with respect, dignity, and sportsmanship. Whether on the playing field, or in public situations, athletes are expected to represent themselves, our school, and our community to the highest standard.
e.g. Being accepting of official’s calls, appropriate language, etc.


We encourage parents and fans to cheer for our teams. While it may be difficult, it is not all right to celebrate our opponents’ mistakes. Other sportsmanship suggestions include;
• All comments should be positive and have a supportive influence on athletic play.
• Be respectful to our officials.
• Take time to learn the rules and strategy of the game. By doing so, your spectator experience will become richer. 
Please note: a student-athlete who looks into the stands repeatedly for approval or disapproval during a game may be experiencing higher than normal anxiety.


THE 24/48 RULE
Sports and competition can become emotional. We love to watch our children and teams try their best and compete, but we may not always agree with how certain situations play out. For this reason, Selkirk Storm Athletics endorses the 24/48 rule. This rule states that parents and/or spectators who have a sport-related issue that requires direct contact with the coach or athletic/tournament-director wait 24 hours from the time of the incident to allow reflection and emotions to cool. The issue then must be brought to the coach’s attention in the next 48 hours, or be forever dropped. This system is used in many sports and has the best chance success rate in resolving issues. Coaches usually enjoy and appreciate feedback so long as it is done in a civilized manner. The 24/48 rule allows emotional topics to be discussed with part of the emotion removed, and also does not interrupt practice/game time.

As parents, we want to see our children succeed and be happy. As sports get more competitive, the risk of these two factors not happening increases. Coaches like to hear from you, however, please consider the following;
• Insist that your son/daughter try to work out their sport-related issue directly with their coach before enlisting your assistance. Learning to deal with authority figures is a major benefit of participating in organized sport.
• Avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember that some teenagers tend to exaggerate both when praised and criticized and that complicated decisions such as playing time are usually a product of many factors.
• Parents are encouraged to let their children experience sport for themselves. Although it may be difficult, it is often more beneficial to ‘step back’ and allow children to make their own experiences. Of course, if the case of clear physical or emotional distress arose, it would be important for parents to become involved.

Words of Wisdom
“There are four positions on an athletic field: spectator, referee, coach, and player. You get to choose one, and only one.” – Bruce Brown

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