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Sports​ School Hockey Program

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It is the goal of this 8 credit program to provide the opportunity for students to pursue their personal hockey goals in an environment focused on developing the complete student athlete.  Guiding and assisting students as they acquire the necessary character attributes that afford success in the highly competitive world of hockey will be a primary focus.

Time on the ice will be utilized to enhance individual fundamental skills while introducing elements of team play and strategies.  Once the ice is out, students will be immersed in a rigorous, personalized off ice conditioning program utilizing the latest techniques and equipment to gain strength, agility, speed and power.

It is hoped that, twice throughout the year, students will participate in field trips designed to enhance their motivation and knowledge toward the game of hockey.

As an integral part of the program, students will be involved in leadership activities.  In the past, we have been heavily involved in community fundraising and disaster relief projects.

In-Class Curriculum

The following topics will be investigated in an order best suited to assisting students as they progress throughout their hockey season.

Goal Setting
We will start the year focusing on goal setting.  It is imperative that all student athletes learn the benefits of proper goal setting and have the opportunity to practice their acquired skills in their daily lives.

Tryout Strategies
With the majority of students involved in tryouts we will also be examining strategies to utilize while involved in these competitive and sometimes stressful opportunities.

We will explore the latest research on proper fueling, allowing the students to be at their best throughout the season.

Hockey Fitness during the Season​

Utilizing the classroom and our Monday class in the gym, we will provide the opportunity for students to enhance their hockey-related fitness as the year progresses.

Hockey Futures Assignment
This assignment will be utilized to allow the students to become familiar with the various avenues and routes they can travel through the hockey world and what is required for them to do so.  This assignment illustrates how difficult it can be to achieve their goals, but handled the right way, serves as a tremendous motivator.

Living Away From Home
With the success of many students comes the reality of living away from home.  This unit is dedicated to teaching the students to deal with such issues as living with billets, completing high school away from home, life on the road and dealing with new freedoms and responsibilities.

Alcohol, Drugs and the Party Scene
Fortunately, good hockey players end up playing on Junior Hockey Teams at very young ages.  This creates a unique set of circumstances related to being on a team with players between the ages of sixteen and twenty and the issues that arise.  These issues are discussed along with strategies for dealing with the pressures and realities of being on a team with older players.

Off-Ice Conditioning

During the months of April, May and June, students will be immersed in a strenuous and competitive environment, where they will be afforded the opportunity to enhance their personal hockey fitness.  Pre-and post-testing will be utilized to measure success.  Activities will be varied with the goal of building athletic skills in other areas that can transfer to hockey.

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