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Powerpoint Presentation

Grade 12 Meeting Powerpoint 2020.pptx

Scholarship & Bursary Timeline

April 23, 2020 during x-block: Mr. Pew meets with grade 12's to hand out scholarship applications
                          Scholarship/Bursary booklet will be posted on Selkirk website

May 8, 2020: Deadline for local scholarship applications

May: Scholarship and Bursary Committee decisions made

June 27, 2020: Scholarship and Bursary award presentations at Grad Ceremony


A number of scholarships (generously provided by our community) are handed out at the Graduation ceremony. 

These awards can change from year to year. Some scholarships are deferrable and some are not - it is the donor's choice.  The school office processes the applications and arranges for them to be sent to the donors for the selection process.  Local Scholarship applications will be handed out at a grade 12 meeting on April 23. Applications are due to the school office before or on May 8, 2020 by 3:00 p.m. 

District Authority Awards

The District/Authority Scholarships reward graduating students for excellence in their chosen field of interest or strength. Selkirk has nine (9) awards intended to assist with tuition for post-secondary education. The Ministry will allocate 5500 scholarships pro-rated to school districts and independent school authorities based on each district's September 30 Grade 12 enrollment. The scholarship will now be a $1,250 voucher that can be used toward post-secondary education tuition.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

• Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) 
• Winning candidates have been cumulatively evaluated in the courses chosen for presentation to the committee, and satisfy other criteria which may include factors such as attendance, punctuality, work habits and cooperation
• Meet the criteria determined by the local District Scholarship Committee, which requires a student to demonstrate superior achievement in any of the following areas:

¨ Indigenous Languages and Culture, demonstrated at school or in the community
¨ Fine Arts (e.g., Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
¨ Applied Skills (e.g., Business Ed, Technology Ed, Home Economics)
¨ Physical Activity (e.g., Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, not limited to Physical Education)
¨ International Languages with Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) or External Assessments, including AP and IB courses
¨ Community Service (Volunteer Activity), which includes demonstration of local and global issues and cultural awareness
¨ Technical and Trades Training (e.g., Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics, Cook Training)

How to apply:  
 Your application consists of a personal resume and cover letter, demonstrating:
    a.         Evidence of achievements in area of choice
    b.         future education and career plans
    c.         an outline of your project, experiment or presentation

Submit this to the office (Jeff Pew's box) by Friday, May 8, 2020.
1. School will screen applicants for suitability
2. Representative from the Dogwood Selection Committee will meet with all suitable applicants to clarifying the process and sign up for an interview time
3. Interviews will occur in the last week of May
If student have any questions, please contact Jeff Pew at (250) 427-4827 or​

Scholarships & Bursaries 
Many scholarships and bursaries are not based solely on academics, but on community service and extra-curricular activities. Over the years, Selkirk students have earned many of these awards. Students are encouraged to check the scholarship board outside the counselling area for scholarship and bursary updates. As well, students should check post-secondary school websites for scholarship information. 

Provincial Scholarships, District Scholarships, Rocky Mountain Scholarships, and Local Awards:

External Scholarships

External Scholarships are open to all BC or Canadian students and are not specifically designated for local Selkirk students.  This information is available on the scholarship board outside the counseling area. As well, students should check post secondary school websites for scholarship information. Each college/university has an awards/bursary page that outlines awards that students can apply for. 
For external scholarships, there are some excellent websites and databases that students can access:

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