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February Course Selection Power Point

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Powerpoint document February Course Selection Power Point

Grade 12 November Meeting

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Powerpoint document Grade 12 November Powerpoint Presentation 2015

Career Personality Tests

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PDF Career Personality Tests


EducationPlannerBC helps learners make well informed decisions about their education and career options. Select the link below to find out more.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Many scholarships and bursaries are not based solely on academics, but on community service and extra-curricular activities. Over the years, Selkirk students have earned many of these awards. Students are encouraged to check the scholarship board outside the counselling area for scholarship and bursary updates. As well, students should check post secondary school websites for scholarship information.

EXTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS: There are some excellent websites that students can access:

There are a variety of awards and scholarships available through the Ministry of Education:

The Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships rewards graduating students in BC for academic excellence in their provincial examinations from Grades 10 to 12. These $1,000 awards and $2,500 (to the top 20 students only) awards can be redeemed when a student enters a designated post-secondary institution.

The Ministry of Education provides 3,000 awards pro-rated to school districts based on each district’s September 30th Grade 12 enrolment. These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating students who meet the criteria det ermined by the local District Scholarship Committee, which requires a student to demonstrate superior achieve ment in any of the following areas:
Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
Applied Skills (Business Ed, Technology Ed, Home Economics)
Physical Activity (not limited to Physical Education)
Second Languages (including Aboriginal Languages) with IRPs or External Assessments, including AP and IB courses
If you’re interested in applying for this award, please sign up outside the counselling area.
Selkirk Secondary Internal Scholarships
A number of scholarships (generously provided by our community!) are handed out at the Graduation ceremony. On April 27, there will be a grade 12 assembly, where students will be given application forms. Information regarding the awards will be posted on the Selkirk website, under “Grad Zone”.

Click the following links to find information regarding Provincial Scholarships, District Scholarships, Rocky Mountain Scholarships, and Local Awards.

PDF Application Form 2016
PDF District Dogwood Authority Awards 2016
PDF Scholarships and Bursaries Booklet 2016

Scholarship & Bursary Timeline

April 27: Local scholarship forms and important Grad information handed out to Grade 12’s Scholarship/Bursary booklet posted on Selkirk website: www.sd6.bc.ca/sss

May 11: Deadline for scholarship applications

May: Scholarship and Bursary Committee decisions made

June 25: Scholarship and Bursary award presentations at Grad Ceremony

June 27: Graduation Ceremony scholarship/bursary presentation

US College Application Process

The following attachment has some helpful hints on the process of applying for college in the USA.
PDF Helpful hints- College in the US