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Grad Executive

Congratulations to the Grad Executive of 2017; we look forward to working with you to create an outstanding Grad weekend!

Kaia Barth-Lessard, Haylie Farquhar, Emerson Ferrier, Maggie Gilbert, Maddie Guimont, Brooke Janzer, Taylor Johnstone, Tye Reid, Taleah Godolphin

Grad Meetings

Next grad parent meeting:

Important Dates and Times

Saturday, April 22 and Saturday May 27 - bottle drives
* other than informing parents of the dates Selkirk won’t oversee or manage this aspect due to liabilities*

May 6,13, or 20 - hot dog fundraiser at Overwaitea

May 31 - grad write ups are due to Shawna Migneault (shawna.migneault@sd6.bc.ca) or Mr. Sharun (scott.sharun@sd6.bc.ca)

June 5 – 16 - grad tickets on sale at lunch, outside the Office

June 14 - grad contracts and date contracts due

June 16:
-Last day to buy prom tickets
-11:25-3:30 - ceremonies rehearsal and set up at Civic Centre

Wednesday, June 21:
5:30-7:00 - program folding party

Friday, June 23rd (Prom/Dry Grad):
3:30 pm Grads muster at the Kimberley Public Library for parade
3:45 pm Grad Parade through the Platzl
4:30/4:45pm Pictures at Cominco Gardens
5:45-6:45 pm Grad Red Carpet Entrance to Prom & Parent/Grad Toast - Parents welcome to join us at the Conference Center for this portion
6:45-12:00am Dinner/Dance/Ski Hill/Dry Grad at the Conference Centre
12:00 am *Optional* Grads to Our Place Restaurant and the Bean Tree for food / karaoke

Saturday, June 24th (Ceremonies):
10:00 am Grads at Civic Centre for final rehearsal
(MANDATORY – if students do not show they will not walk)
11:00 am Gown distribution
2:00 pm Grads must be at Civic Centre for ceremonies
3:00 pm Ceremonies begin (finished at approximately 5:00 pm)

This is a FORMAL EVENT and semi-formal / dressy attire is required. No shorts or athletic / casual footwear is permitted.


Executive leader- Emerson Ferrier

Our fundraising goal is $10,000. This is designed to reduce the costs of the tickets for grad and prom. Since our grad class is the smallest in the school’s history we NEED to ensure that we do a great job with fundraising to make tickets as inexpensive as possible.

This year we will be setting grad fees in the middle of May and basing the cost on the amount of fundraising the grads do. Students can expect to pay approximately $150.00 but will be notified once our budget is more concrete. If finances are a concern please contact Mr. Dolgopol or Mr. Sharun. Tickets will be on sale in early June.

All students must participate in the fundraising activities to be eligible for the raffles and Prom/Dry Grad prizes.

May 29, 2017, will be the deadline for all fundraisers.

Fundraising events:

Flower baskets
- We have started off strong as we raised just over $3300 in flower basket sales.

Hot dog sale at Overwaitea
- A tentative date is planned (May 8-12) and will be confirmed with Overwaitea.

Bottle drives
- Saturday, April 22 and Saturday May 27
- Other than informing parents of the dates, Selkirk won’t oversee or manage this due to liabilities*

Grad Ceremonies Write-Up

What is it? As you cross the stage at your Grad Ceremony, your write-up will be read aloud so the audience knows a bit about the student they are watching.

What should it say? You can mention your plans for the Fall, fond memories you have of Selkirk, particular things you like about Selkirk, people that supported your high-school journey, what you’re looking forward to after graduation, a favorite quote etc.

Because someone else is reading this about YOU, it should be written in 3rd person. Be aware of your grammar and certainly no slang. This is a formal piece of writing.

What should it NOT say? Remember that the Ceremony is a family and a community event and your write-up should be respectful of that. Any talk about parties, hating school, dragons, elves or disliking particular people or ‘things’ at/about Selkirk are not appropriate.

How long? Maximum 100 words

Due? To Shawna Migneault by May 31, 2017. Email to shawna.migneault@sd6.bc.ca.

Bob would like to thank his mom and dad for always being there and Mr. Sharun for never giving up on him. His future plans include travelling the world, swimming with dolphins and becoming a teacher. Bob's message to his classmates is: "Live each day as if it is your last".

Grad Fees / Grad Tickets

Grad Tickets go on sale beginning Monday, June 6th at lunch time, outside the office. They will be on sale every day at lunch time until Friday, June 17th.

The total cost of grad tickets (for Ceremonies and Prom) is TBD
If a student wishes to ONLY attend Ceremonies, the cost is TBD.
If a student wishes to ONLY attend Prom, the cost is TBD.
If a student wishes to bring a guest (not another member of their grad class), the cost for a guest to Prom is TBD. A reminder that the guest must be in grade 10 to 19 years of age.

The cost of tickets covers everything except Food/Drink at Our Place / Bean Tree if students choose to eat or drink there after Prom.

When students buy their Ceremony ticket, they will receive 4 tickets for guests to sit on the floor of the Civic Centre (in chairs!) to ensure that there is enough room on the floor for parents, those with mobility difficulties etc. To be clear though, the 4 tickets are for the floor only; there is no limit to the number of guests that may sit in the stands. And, there is no cost for guests to attend Ceremonies so please bring whomever you like!

In order for students to be eligible to buy grad tickets, they must have their Student Fees paid, be eligible to graduate in June according to the BC Ministry graduating guidelines, and be in good standing in each of their courses. If a student is not currently eligible to buy a ticket due to the aforementioned reasons, then we will work with them to fix the issue so they attain graduation.

Students and their parent/guardian must also sign a grad contract and a date contract if appropriate, in order to be eligible to attend grad. Contracts can be picked up at the office (in the top box of Mr. Sharun's office door) and can be returned there also. Contracts must be returned to Mr. Sharun by Friday, June 17th.

If you have any questions or are in need of financial support, please contact Mr. Sharun.

Grad Photos

Grad Photos: January 9th – 12th, 2017

Sign Up: LifeTouch Website will be open for students and parents to reserve a Grad Photo Photography session. Please visit: www.lifetouch.ca/southernalberta - Choose: Lethbridge - Choose Selkirk - then Choose: Schedule Now and you should see the calendar with the available dates and times. Then follow the instructions through to finalizing the appointment.

If you are not interested in purchasing photos but would like to have a grad photo in the yearbook and as part of the wall composite, you must still sign up for a photo shoot but there is no sitting fee (the photographer will only take a few pictures and thus the appointment is only about 5-10 minutes).


Photo Shoot:
The actual photos are scheduled for January 9th – 12th, 2017, from approximately from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm each day. There is a sitting fee of $45 which is due at the time of the photo shoot and can be paid via cash, cheque, Visa, MC or AMEX. The fee includes 16-20 photos of both formal and casual photos, and the proofs are yours to keep.

There will also be light photo makeup provided (to reduce shine etc). Girls may want to do their own makeup beforehand as well.

For the formal photos, cap/gown/stole will be provided but gentlemen are reminded to wear a collared shirt and tie and ladies are reminded to wear a formal blouse or ‘deep v’ neckline to compliment the neckline of the gown.

For the casual photos, students are encouraged to bring props that exemplify their personalities and interests. Because there will be a range of photos taken, make sure that if you’re bringing your snowboard, to also bring boots, gloves, goggles etc.

Please note that Selkirk’s Student Code of Conduct applies to all grads wishing to bring in props for their photo session, so please no weapons or weapon replicas of any type. Visit the website for more information on casual shots and props.

Proofs of all grad photos will be mailed home to students and families can then use the website to order the prints of their choice.

Cinderella Closet

We are looking for donations of prom dresses/suits so that we can enhance our “Cinderella Closet” at Selkirk Secondary. The idea behind this initiative is to provide an opportunity for all students (and dates) to attend Prom. In the past it has been difficult for some students to purchase a dress/suit and this may provide a nice option. We ask that the clothing be in good condition and have been dry-cleaned. If you have a dress, please bring it to Selkirk School or contact Mr. Sharun. Thank you for your support!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Sharun at
250-427-4827, ext. 4706.