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Strategies for supporting children through grief

Please click on the attached documents containing information on strategies for parents/guardians to support children through times of grief
PDF Strategies for Parents

Ministry of Education Parent Satisfaction Surveys

The Satisfaction Survey is a province-wide survey on the B.C. public school experience. The Survey helps schools and districts identify strengths and areas for improvement. The information will be used to help schools, districts and the Ministry of Education improve program delivery. To complete the survey when it comes available you will need to contact the Selkirk Office for a logon number. Once you have the logon number you can access the online survey at: www.bced.gov.bc.ca/sat_survey/access.htm

Selkirk's Breakfast Program

Selkirk Secondary has been operating a breakfast program for the past 7 years. Research has shown that if we start our day with something in our stomachs it feeds our brain as well and helps us to concentrate. The program operates in the main hall from a mobile cart from 8-8:30 each morning. It is primarily to support students who don't have access to breakfast in the morning. Students are encouraged to eat at home when there is food available.
Community organizations and individuals have generously donated to the program over the past couple of years as well as ongoing support from the Selkirk PAC and parents. We appreciate these donations and would not be able to run the program without these funds.
Most of the bread is donated by McGavins (the local distributor). There are times when fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola bars or other items are available, but typically students are happy with a piece of toast and juice. Juice is purchased and Overwaitea Foods gives the school a 15% discount. The juice boxes cost about 45 cents each so we ask that all students donate 25 cents per juice box and the program subsidizes the additional cost for juice and supplies.
Students/families are encouraged to donate to the program when they can, but no one is turned away. Monetary donations are preferred over food donations due to our Healthy Schools regulations and limits on what can be served. If you have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school or Robyn Wayling at 250-427-4827.