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Working together in a safe, caring environment, we will provide opportunities which encourage children to be the best they can be, to be socially responsible, and to become lifelong learners.

Student School Supply Order 2016/2017

School supplies for 2016/2017 will be streamlined for students, teachers and parents. In our effort to eliminate unnecessary waste, consolidate supplies for each classroom and recycle gently used or new items, we will be ordering school supplies in bulk again this year. How the system works.

-each teacher has taken an inventory of supplies in his/her classroom that will be carried over to next year

-each teacher placed an order for his/her classroom deducting those items that can be carried over

-new supplies will be delivered to the school in late August

-we strongly recommend that each student have a WES student planner/agenda book at a cost of $8 each.

Planners are used as a daily communication tool between teachers, students and parents.

This cost is included in the prices below.
If you have any questions, please call PAC spokesperson, Andrea Dunlop, at 250-342-3271 or 250-342-1293, or Mrs. Myers at the school at 250-342-6640

Bell Schedule for 2016-17

First Day Bell Schedule -September 6
8:30 Warning Bell
8:35 Classes Begin
10:10 Recess Begins
10:30 Recess Ends
11:30 Day ends

Full Length Day Bell Schedule
Monday through Thursday:
8:30 Warning Bell
8:35 Classes Begin
10:10 Recess Begins
10:30 Recess Ends
12:00 Lunch Begins
12:20 Lunch Ends
12:25 Recess Begins
12:45 Warning Bell
12:50 Classes Begin
2:48 Dismissal

Shortened Day Bell Schedule Friday:
8:30 Warning Bell
8:35 Classes Begin
10:30 Recess Begins
10:50 Recess Ends/class starts
12:44 Dismissal
PDF School District No. 6 2016-17 Calendar

School Supply Costs

Grade and Price

Kindergarten $25
Grade 1 $30
Grade 2 $40
Grade 3 $40
Grade 4 $45
Grade 5 $45
Grade 6 $40
Grade 7 $50
(includes $8 for planners, GST and PST)

If you would like to donate money to support our PAC, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

District Learning Leadership Report

Parents please check out the links to the District Learning Leadership Report on the Parents Link Info page.

School Events and Information

School Events and Information
All school events will be listed on our school online calendar as of January 2010. Please visit there or check your newsletter to stay updated. The Calendar is under the School Events heading. Thank you