Windermere Intensive and Enhanced French

The program begins in Grade 6 and follows through in grade 7 as the Enhanced French program. The program continues through High School.
A new second language learning option!
An enhanced and exciting step beyond the Core French program!

What is Intensive French?
Intense and uninterrupted periods of French in grade 6
3 or 4 times the number of hours in FSL in a school year (ex. from 90 to 300 hrs/year)
A reorganized FSL curriculum based on a language arts/literacy approach
First 5 months: FSL 70% (Sept - Jan) ; second 5 months: regular curriculum is compacted (Feb - June) with one hr/day FSL
Focus is on accuracy and fluency
More time spent on: interacting in a second language, modeling the language, correcting the language used
Why Intensive French?
Need to provide a higher level of language competency in French to all students
Need to develop a positive attitude towards learning a second language

Pedagogical Principals of Intensive French

Authentic Communication
Learning to communicate in a second language requires authentic communication.
Learning of languages for the purpose of communication develops literacy skills.
A task or project-based approach facilitates the use of cognitively demanding tasks.
Use of interactive teaching strategies increases linguistic proficiency and intellectual development.
Learning a second language for the purposes of communication requires development of procedural knowledge.
Benefits of Intensive French
Students in second language programs tend to demonstrate:
Higher overall academic achievement
Higher achievement in first language
Higher sense of respect for and valuing of cultural diversity
Improved career opportunity and greater economic potential

Results of the I. F.Program for students

I. F. = Intensive French
Increased Competency in Speaking French
Most students are able to sustain a conversation, using phrases and short sentences; emerging spontaneity; some ability to create with the language.
Increased Competency in Writing French
Most students are able to write at approximately a grade 3 or 4 level in fluency and accuracy when compared with Quebec francophones.
Effects on English Language Skills
No negative effects on any learners (including struggling or lower achieving students)
Improved abilities in English language and mathematics results
Students also showed:
Increased responsibility and participation
Increased self-esteem, confidence, and initiative
Increased autonomy and personal organizational skills
Increased motivation to continue to study French

Student quotes

Im enjoying the Intensive French program and I think Im learning a lot. I think that the class is fun and Im excited to learn French.
I enjoy the program because we get to do lots of fun activities.
I enjoy Intensive French a lot. In the morning, I am excited to go to school and learn something new in French. Always moving forward to my goal; to learn to speak another language. This is an awesome learning opportunity.
I really enjoy the French program. It is very fun and I come home every day after school and I say school was very fun today.
I am getting so much better at our amazing second language.


As of 2014-15 Windermere is one of the few schools to offer Core French beginning at the Kindergarten level. In this way students experience another language form their first days at school. Again in this program students experience similar teaching techniques as they would in the Intensive and Enhanced French programs.
Drama, music and innovative teaching techniques are employed to allow students to expand and acquire French language skills.