WES School Plan -Goal to improve literacy

What follows is a sampling of the main points of our school plan. Below is a link to the full and approved School Plan

Aggregated Individual Student Literacy Targets:
By the end of June 2016, for students currently in Grades 1 to 7:
84% (123/147) will be meeting or exceeding widely-held outcomes for grade level in Reading, Writing, & Oral Language
15% of students in our school (22/147) will be meeting adapted outcomes (not yet grade level but closing the gap to get there) in Reading, Writing, & Oral Language
1% of students in our school (2/147) will be meeting modified outcomes (individualized based on significantly different program from standard curriculum) in Literacy

We have 25 students in Kindergarten. Students do not have literacy targets for their Kindergarten year because they are brand new to school and we are just getting to know them.

A Few Pockets or Areas to Focus on:

We have a group of 6 primary students who do not yet have the letter recognition and letter-sound association to support their reading.
We have 25 students in Grade 1-7 to assist in getting to grade level reading ability.
We have 10 students who have challenges with speech to be supported.

Key Strategies in Place for the Start of the Year

Universal: we will be working as a staff toward other common practices to improve literacy-such as Words Their Way, Jolly Phonics, and SmartLearning.

Targeted: Read Naturally, co-teaching time for literacy in all primary classrooms

Intensive: Learning Services support and other supports intensified or added as needed as students respond to instruction

PDF Windermere School Plan September 2015