Dress Code
Students should be dressed appropriately and modestly for school. The following items should NOT be worn to school by any student in any grade:
• Halter tops, string tops, or low-cut tops
• Shorts, skirts, or dresses that are TOO short
• T-shirts and blouses that reveal a person’s midriff (front or back), underwear, or see through garments
• Clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, promotes violence or racial interference, displays offensive language, or is in anyway deemed inappropriate by staff
• Make up
• Hats (inside)

Boys must keep their shirts on during all play times.

Students are to maintain the above standard of dress while on school property during regular school hours or while representing the school.

Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to change to appropriate attire. They may go home and change or they will be given some used clothes to wear from our lost and found.

While at school, students are expected to wear appropriate shoes at all times.

Code of Conduct
The purpose of our code of conduct is to establish and maintain a safe, caring, and orderly environment for purposeful learning, and to direct students toward responsible behaviour.

At Windermere Elementary School we expect all members of our school community to:
• take care of self, others, and this place
• attend school regularly and punctually
• always be your best and do your best
• comply with school and classroom rules
These pillars of acceptable and socially responsible conduct are expected at school, while going to and from school, and while attending any school function at any location.

Unacceptable conduct is any conduct that contravenes our school expectations as listed above. For example:
• behaviours that:
- interfere with the learning of others
- interfere with an orderly environment
- create unsafe conditions
• acts of:
- bullying, harassment, or intimidation
- physical violence
- retribution against a person who has reported incidents

As students become older, more mature, and move through successive grades, we expect increasing personal responsibility and self-discipline. Consequently, there will also be increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

When determining appropriate disciplinary action, there are a number of factors that will be taken into account, including the severity of the incident, frequency, and the age and maturity of the student. Students, as often as possible, are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful consequences for violations of our code of conduct.

Teachers are expected to deal with students who breach the code of conduct in a fair and consistent manner within their classroom before referring a student to the principal. If the situation is not effectively resolved and the inappropriate behaviour continues, the student will be referred to the principal.

School administration has a responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches in the code of conduct. These parties may include:
• Parents of the student offender – in every instance
• Parents of the victim – in every instance
• School district officials – as required by district policy
• Police and other agencies – as required by law
Our code of conduct is reviewed and updated annually with staff, students, and parents.

NEW to our code of conduct…
Student cell phones, video games, and personal music players are NOT permitted at school.


Attendance Policy
It is expected that students will attend school regularly and punctually.

We recognize that there are situations, such as illness and family emergency, which require students to miss school. In situations such as these, teachers will provide extra work and assist students in making up missed work. Unfortunately, class time missed cannot be compensated, as it is impossible to recreate classroom instruction and conversation.

Should parents choose to remove their child from school for any reason other than illness, medical, or family emergency, it is the parents’ responsibility to make up the work the student has missed.

***If your child is going to be late or absent for ANY REASON, please call the school at 342-6640. We have an answering machine to give you an opportunity to call during the night or early in the morning. If we do not hear from you and your child is not present for attendance, we will try to contact you.



At the beginning of the school year each student is issued a planner. (The cost of the planner is included with school supplies ordered in the spring. If you did not order school supplies, the planner cost is $10.00 payable to the school by October 12, 2007. If you need to make payment arrangements, please call the school.)

The planner is used as a communication tool between parents, students, and teachers. Parents are expected to review the planner each night with their son/daughter, sign it, and make sure the planner goes to school each day. Likewise, teachers will review the planner at school. Planners provide an excellent opportunity to teach students personal planning, organization, and responsibility.

Lunch Hour & Playground Expectations

Lunch Hour
• Between 12:00 and 12:20 p.m. you should be eating your lunch in your classroom.
• Remain seated at your desk eating your lunch.
• Students are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch and snacks, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is the best drink.
• There is to be no running around or horsing around in the classroom.
• Keep noise level down; talk quietly.
• Remember to bring your own spoons and forks.
• Garbage should be put in the garbage can.
• Desks should be cleaned off and chairs tucked in.
• The 12:20 bell is a sign that you should be preparing for afternoon classes.

Playground Expectations
Students are expected to go outside at recess for fresh air and exercise. They need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. (When it is cold, students should wear a warm coat, ski/snow pants, boots, mittens and hat. When it is wet, wear rubber boots, a rain coat and bring an umbrella. When it is hot, wear sunscreen and a hat.)
• No throwing (ie. snowballs, rocks or sticks).
• No play fighting.
• Be responsible and act safely. You must not run, jump, push or yell when lining up.
• You are NOT allowed to leave the school grounds without permission. You must have a note from your parents.
• Bullying, swearing, name calling, fighting or threatening are not permitted.
• Be kind, polite and respectful to others.
• It is fun to play outside, so you may hop, run around, dance or sing.
• Be a good sport, it is nice to be a generous giver and a responsible taker.
• Cell phones, video games, and personal music players are NOT permitted at school.