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Rocky Mountain
School District #6
Staff Development

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There are funds remaining from the first round of grants for approved inter-school collaborations of staff toward improving student learning.

The District Staff Development Committee will accept additional applications.

Please use the application form below and have the Principal(s) of the schools involved submit it by Monday, September 30, 2019 at 4:00 pm. (Principal will submit the document to the portal District principal group --- Staff Development folder---Collaborative grants---2019---Submitted Grant applications)


  • Funding is used to support inter-school collaboration for shared practice development specifically focused on improving student learning.
  • Will enhance staff knowledge/skills
  • Project will culminate with specific evidence of the impact on learning

 Please contact 250 342 4673 for more information. ​

Application Form​​

Collaborative Grant Application 2019-2020.docx