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Rocky Mountain
School District #6
School Psychology
School psychology services are district-based, non-categorical educational and mental health services designed to support students, school personnel and parents in enhancing academic, adaptive and social skills for students.

Description of Services
School psychology services play a supportive role in the identification, assessment, planning, implementation, reporting and evaluation process. 
The school psychologist
• provides collaborative consultation,
• may assists with pre-referral interventions,
• provides psycho-educational assessments for students referred by the school-based team,
• provides ongoing collaborative planning ,
• may contribute to the design and evaluation of the IEP, and
• may provide inservice training in the area of assessment.

Access to School Psychology Services
School-based teams and Learning Services staff in each school facilitate the referral process for formal psychology services and assessment. These referrals should be sent to the Board Office and the Assistant Superintendent Learning Services for processing. This step is taken only after there has been considerable pre-referral assessment, intervention, and consultation at the school level. 

School Psychology Services Schedule
In order to faciliate predicable scheduling of consultation, assessment, and intervention the following schedule will be in place over the 2015-2016 school year. Monday's and Friday will be left open to provide a greater degree of flexibility and additional support to individuals, schools, or zones as referral processes require.

Monday       -  
Tuesday       -   Kimberley Zone
Wednesday -   Invermere Zone
Thursday     -   Golden Zone
Friday          - 


Amy Bourbeau
250-342-9243   ext 4406