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Rocky Mountain
School District #6
Speech Language Pathology

The speech-language pathology services in a school district may include a full range of services encompassing prevention, identification and assessment, direct instruction for students (individually, in classroom settings, or in small groups as appropriate), consultation, collaboration with other educators regarding the student's needs in the classroom and other school environments, inservice training, information sharing with families and other service providers and public education.
Any student with delayed, disordered or atypical speech and/or language skills should be brought to the attention of the speech-language pathologist.

Description of Services
Speech-language pathologists should use both formal and informal measures to evaluate a student's abilities relative to established norms, school expectations, the classroom environment and the student's needs. A variety of standardized measures should be used in conjunction with samples of behaviour taken from the school context, observations of students and/or interviews with the student, parent/guardian and relevant others. The information obtained should be related to other assessment/planning activities undertaken as part of the learner's educational program.
Program Overview Document – will provide an overview of the SLP program in Rocky Mountain School District.

Access to Speech Language Pathology Services
All referrals should be brought to the attention of the school-based team and then forwarded to the SLP.  There is a significant emphasis on early identification and intervention with all Kindergarten students within Rocky Mountain District provided an oral language screening assessment. Case load priorities go to students identified with the Kindergarten oral language screen, students with significant communication delays, and students requiring assistive communication technology. The Program Overview document will provide additional detail on the Tiered Intervention Program used within Rocky Mountain School District.

Speech Language Pathology Contacts

Golden Zone Speech Language Pathologist
Margo Lundstrom
250-344-5513     ext 4611
Or leave a message at Alexander Park Elementary School
Email Margo Lundstrom​
Kimberley Zone Speech Language Pathologist
Kristal Bodaly
Email Kristal Bodaly

Invermere Zone Speech Language Pathologist
Karin Smith
250-342-9243     ext 4407