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Rocky Mountain
School District #6
Teacher of the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A Teacher of the d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing (TDHH) is a certified teacher who, after completing a teaching degree, specializes with a Masters Degree or Graduate Diploma in teaching students who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Students are considered to be d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing when they have a medically diagnosed hearing loss. Due to their atypical hearing levels, students present with unique educational, social and emotional needs that require frequent and ongoing direct service from a TDHH.

Description of Services

The services provided by a Teacher of the d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing are varied, highly specialized and tend to include many of the following services:

1. working directly with students on academic, personal, social, literacy, and communication goals
2. consulting with and supporting Classroom Teachers, Learning Services Teachers and Education Assistants
3. developing individualized educational plans
4. assessing formally and informally
5. providing technical support for any hearing assistive technology
6. serving as a liaison with a variety of provincial and regional services

Access to the Teacher of the d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing

All referrals should be brought to the attention of the School-Based Team with a recent audiogram. They will be forwarded to the Director of Instruction, Learning Support Services and the Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.