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Rocky Mountain
School District #6
Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Provincial Outreach Program for Deaf & Hard of Hearing 

The program mission is to collaborate with school districts in meeting the needs of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing learners. . Through collaborative consultation POPDHH supports educational teams in addressing the unique communication and learning styles of individual Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. To reach every student's potential POPDHH promotes goals of language development, literacy, numeracy, cognitive development, self-advocacy, and self-confidence in becoming responsible, global citizens.

The Provincial Outreach Program: Deaf and Hard and Hearing supports students and educational teams in the form of:

  • Observational and Standardized Assessments
  • IEP Development and Implementation
  • Program Development
  • Inclusion Support
  • Transition Support
  • Student Leadership 
  • Student Events
  • Mentorship 
  • Professional Development​
  • Provincial Resource Lending Library
  • Provincial Education Review Committee for the Deaf (PERCD)

POPDHH encourages students to become contributing members of both the Deaf and Hearing communities.

Program Mandate

Upon request from School Districts, Independent Schools and First Nations programs, the Provincial Outreach Program provides educational consultation, programming and support for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing all over British Columbia.

School Teams interested in working with POPDHH please contact

Director of Instruction, Learning Support Services