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Nursing Support Services

Nursing Support Services (NSS)​ is a program with the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) through BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH).

Nursing Support Services assists parents and caregivers to help children with special health care needs lead active, healthy lives in their communities, while providing safe, consistent care and appropriate health supports.

Services include assessment, planning and monitoring of care and may involve:

  • Information about the care of children and youth with special health care needs.
  • Consultation about community-based care and resources.
  • Direct nursing care: Coordination of planned, intermittent periods of respite, by a registered or licensed practical nurse, for complex supports such as home dialysis, tracheostomy, ventilator and end-of-life care.
  • Delegated nursing care: Training and monitoring of non-nurse caregivers to provide special aspects of a child’s care, such as gastrostomy tube meals, blood glucose monitoring, clean intermittent catheterization and oral suctioning.
  • Eligibility assessment for the At Home Program, which provides medical and respite benefits.
  • Collaboration with families and other community service providers, such as social workers, physiotherapists and teachers.
  • Nursing Support Services provides direct nursing care in home, school and childcare settings. In most circumstances, delegated nursing care is provided only in schools or childcare settings.


Nursing Support Services is intended for children with severe disabilities or complex health needs. 

School Teams interested in working with Nursing Support Services please contact

Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Turner at 250-342-4674​

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