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Rocky Mountain
School District #6

Provincial Inclusion Outreach Program (PIOP)

Inclusion Outreach is an outreach service mandated to assist schools throughout British Columbia, in meeting the educational needs of students with multiple severe physical and cognitive disabilities.

A team, consisting of a teacher, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and speech-language pathologist provide support through a variety of services.


All children, even those challenged by very severe disabilities, are learners and our challenge as educators is to help them grow to their potential. In order to facilitate that growth, we need a clear vision of their future and concrete goals that work towards that vision. This can best be done by a team of people which may include parents, classroom teacher, teaching assistant, principal, school special education teachers, district support teachers and therapists. Fitting the student goals into the activities of the regular classroom allows the student with multiple severe disabilities to learn along with his/her peers.


The focus of this program is two-fold:

  1. Provision of information and strategies specific to the student with multiple severe disabilities to maximize his/her learning.

  2. Provision of information, inservice and teaching strategies to support the classroom teacher and support team to meet the educational needs of the student with multiple severe disabilities.


Initial Referrals

Follow-up Visits

The referral package should be completed by the school case manager, then submitted to your District Partner for final signature.


Several services are available depending on the needs of the student and his/her school: Inclusion Outreach works with the student's team in their home school district. Goal setting, teaching strategies, and classroom planning are all a part of this service.

a) Initial Visit: The purpose of this two/three day visit is to observe the student in his/her daily routines; collaborate with the student's team around the strengths, needs and long range planning of the student and his/her team (MAPS); explore strategies and develop action plans for the next several months.

b) Subsequent Visits: Case Managers with Inclusion Outreach continue to work with the student's team in their school district. Goal setting, teaching strategies and classroom planning are all a part of this service. Feeding, switch access and vision assessments are offered as part of the consultation service when requested.

c) Inservices: Inservices are available in conjunction with student visits.​